25 December, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone!

May God Bless us all!

22 December, 2010

the reality of life

The promise of a new life
beams like the sun rising o'er the East--
Bright, vibrant, illuminating, warm.
The light you are destined to bring to this world
has already brightened all our lives--
as it is sure to spread to every corner of this land.
Yet, even as shadow recedes as noon approaches there
is always somewhere not warmed by the light--
how unfortunate these spaces would be if not lighted
by you--the warmest radiance of all.

And, as it is that we cannot but glimpse the brightness

And though we cannot know what bright future
destiny holds for you,
we can all imagine, dream, ponder.
Yet, in the end you will choose on what celestial path
you wish to wander.
And, such as the stars arise from the collection
of matter to one venue,
So will your life be made from what you gather
from those around you.
Thus, though the path you choose will be your own,
the journey of your life will never be yours alone.

of our solar friend without fear of blindness,
neither can we gaze into your brilliance to see
what so many tomorrows will bring.
But the promise of discovery makes every moment elapsed
an eternity of possibilities.

From now on everything will change and I will make sure that whatever decision I made I will be happy for it. Its time to say enough to feel sad and feel pity sometimes. Life is full of uncertain things that we didn't control, this is the reality of life, face it, understand it and learn how to accpet things that has changed and the situation that put my life in a roller coaster ride. Moved on to the next level and make most out of it..like theres no tomorrow and laugh like nobody's watching..

If I learned one thing of what happend was I became more strong and indpendent and as time goes by I gain a lot of wisdom. A courage that never put me down everytime I'm feeling down and a strenght that always lift me up during those hardest time. Nobody knows what I am going through in my life now, its really hard but I know I can handle whatever it is.

Thank you God for all the Blessings, courage, strenght, wisdom and a good health that you gave to me and for taking care of those people i love.

20 December, 2010

i missin you terribly

The Full moon shimmers
Rest of the world glimmers
The dark night glows
The moon light fllows
Lovers moan
Passions shown

Moon...Moon...Moon...Come to me
Release me...make me free
Absorb me in your luminesence
Sparkling pathway of your fluorosence
Dancing in the sky
Lovers looking at you sigh
Oceans leap and surge
Stars whirl and merge

Moon...Moon...Moon...Come to me
Listen to my heartfelt plea
Make me a shadow within
Pearl of a reflection in your skin
When my faraway lover looks at you
He will get a luminescent view
My reflection imbued
Of me merged in you

What makes me post this?? well, its because tonight when I open the door the first thing i saw when i look up in the clear sky is the full moon. what a lovely cold weather tonight. I feel inspired and  lonely sad.

Inspired, because everytime I see a full moon up in a clear blue skies it makes me feel differently happy,I feel so carefree, and i feel, i fell inlove all over again with the same person/man whom I dreamed to be with for the rest of my life and i feel theres a lot of good things around that we should be thankful for. I just can't imagine how God created such lovely light in the universe.

I feel sad because I really miss someone... A person who made my life happy and complete, since I met that person my life has changed and became totally different. A man whom I dreamed to be with for the rest of my life.. but unfortunately it cause me pain and leave me with a hatred heart until now.still you mean a lot to me..how I wish I will hear your voice again..
missin you a lot..

sweet tooth..

I'm craving for some sweets...

black forest cake..with pretzels  

17 December, 2010


I feel kinda weird today, unbearable headache strikes again and I can't take it anymore, medicine did not effect on me and its also affect my appetite. I can't sleep, the only thing I did is lying down on the bed and put the pillow on my head and close my eyes. This is what I really hate, headache matching with losing my appetite.. haisst.. too bad really.

16 December, 2010

Thank you!

Whenever my life feels empty,
Those times when I feel a lack,
I thank God for your special friendship,
Because I know you've got my back.

When I wonder about life's true meaning,
And whether it all makes sense,
With a word or a smile from you, friend,
I forget my silly laments.

I guess what I'm trying to say, friend,
Is with all your support and your giving,
You brighten each minute I'm with you,
And make every day well worth living.
Thanks to all my friends who cheer me up  and lifting my spirit everytime I'm feeling down.. Im just in a good mood today to make  a post. I'm still sorting out some issues and things..
Thanks God for all the blessings, guidance and courage. Hope all of my wishes will come true and God will grant it to me soon, I want to be happy again..

15 November, 2010

my special day!

Happy Birthday to me!

Its my special day, and theres a lot to be thankful for. im in a distress situation now and i dont know how to handle and to cope with it anymore.im totally feeling down and still finding the answer of what had happend. hope and pray that all of my wishes will grant to me by God.

To all: Thanks to your greetings and wishes.. i got teary eyes when i read ur messages to me.. touch my heart.

08 November, 2010

bye for now..

cant posts anything for now... due to personal issues

02 November, 2010

another journey, a lovely and cold november

A lovely november, oh my sweet november..why? because this is the month which i was born..:)

Oh its time to say hello to a month of November and say goodbye to October. Its another month of journey and another month of learning and having a roller coaster life. Its not more than 2 months then we'll say goodbye to year 2010, oh how time flies. Im getting old again..additional year to my age..lol :) they told me dont think too much about adding your age and getting old..its just a number! the important thing is you look young and you have good heart.. yay! thanks to the person who said that..
october, the month which i had a lots of trouble, failures,hardship, pain and tears that i shed, but that made me strong as time goes by but there were time also that im happy, i felt happy because of people/friends who care for me and who cheer me up and wont leave me during those times that i am feeling down..

and im waiting for some surprises, hope there is.. seems like I am hoping again for something..lol, well why not and what if's..

well then,

its time to be happy and enjoy life

Thanks God for all the blessings, guidance, wisdom, courage and for taking care to those whom i love..

ms. M is signing off.. till next posts..

amazing showpieces

Here is the continuation part of my posts yesterday.
The universities, colleges and culinary school nationwide joined in this contest. They showcase their talent in doing some amazing showpieces.

and you guess what is this??

ahmmm.. would you believe that this showpieces are breads with different designs?
yes, you heard it right, thats all breads with different designs.

very insteresting bread, i was wondering about the story behind this bread..

little house bread

masterpieces, seems like i wanna keep this bread it's so beautiful bread to eat..lol. thumbs up to the person who made this one.. lovely

cute one.. ..
see, the eiffel tower design bread at the back.. nice one

bread castle..nice

this is how creative the students when it comes to showcase their talent in doing some showpieces.. in this contest its not important to get the grand price, the important things is you express your creativeness and you show the talent that every students has to offer. After the contest win or lose, still its worth all the perseverance and time that all the students spent for this contest just to show their talents.

Im happy and proud being student and part of this department even though sometimes its boring but during those recognition everything was paid off. i love learning and learning, as i remember the words of my professor in philosophy before, he said as  long as we are alive and we are breathing on this earth we should'nt stop learning..learning is the only way of expressing our hidden talent and to gain more knowldge, a knowledge that nobody could steal from you being a person.

oppsss.. still have lots to posts..the continuation.

ms. M

01 November, 2010

lets take a look.. showcase of those showpieces

This pics taken last month.
 national food showdown..
Different universities and colleges hotel and restaurant management students throughout the nation join in this contest the showpieces in different categories..

sweet tooth

mini cakes different flavor and designs


the tv station host for the contest

different sweets

mini cakes in different flavor and designs

 variation of vegies. meats and fish.

oppsss.. there is a continuation post..

29 October, 2010

far away

The sheets are cold without you.
My hands have nothing to hold onto
when I feel as if I may fall
I'm slipping away..
Not wanting to stay awake but dream...
Memories of us still linger in the air
making it almost impossible to breathe

To dream of you as if it were yesterday into the past
warms the coldest space between my memories I don't want to lose those.
They are all I have to keep me breathing
Somewhere out there you are finding it hard to breathe also

To gaze upon something that reminds you of me
And me of you
But the empty space around me keeps me thinking of you
Wanting for you to fill it up

Painful tears cut through my existence
Through this space and straight into my heart
Souls that are not whole
lay inside us waiting to be revived

With your touch you can heat my frozen body
With your kiss you can bring my soul to life
With your hands you can hold me up
With your eyes you can make me see

We are one but apart we are only half
Not complete...Unfinished...Waiting
I hunger for you..without you I will starve
Save me!..Come home!

nice words, ilove it..:)


I feel sad tonight, thats the reason why I posted this.I just like the words. I don't know why I feel this way, it's really strange feeling being sad and lonely. I am starting to reminisce again, the past, the happy moments, the pains and the tears that i always shed all the time...ouch!.. be happy :) just missing someone who made me strong to face the reality of life..

27 October, 2010

a precious things that only your heart holds

Some things in life are more pecious than words can explain
Watching puddles move from drops of rain
The sounds of wave crashing against a rock, sunset reflection, a vision you can not block.
Whispers of wind blowing through tress
Walks through sand where you feel an ocean breeze,
Kittens purring in your ear,

These little things in life are so dear
A drive at night to watch the stars
Help your dreams seem not so far, soft hair of your teddy bear
A friend you know who will always care
The sound of new born baby's cry
The first time they open their eyes, a sweet smell of a yellow rose
This is something you will always know

A true love that you have found
You know your hearts will always bound
shellie sanchez

25 October, 2010

you dont need a man to dance with you..

Pole dancing...
It is a form of performing art.. a combination of dancing and gymnastics.. with increased awareness of the benefits to general strenght and fitness.

a similar pole (chinese pole) is used in cabaret / circus and stage performance in  a non erotic environment, which is the style and moves are very different.

Advance pole dancing requires significant strenght, flexibilty and endurance. This form of exercise increased core and general body strenght by using the body itself as resistance while toning the body as a whole..

Pole dancing, which a single dancer performs sensual, graceful and acrobatic moves using a floor to ceiling metal pole as a support. In the past decade pole dancing has steadily gained acceptance as a form of exercise and personal expression and more recently as a form of competitive acrobratic dance, traditionally been performed by women with the move out of strip clubs and into gyms plus an increased emphasis on strength.

Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognized form of exercise and can be used as both aerobic and anaerobic workout.

Get Fit and feel Sexy,
all you need to have is a metal pole and a determination to learn this kind of exercise..

24 October, 2010


Today I feel kinda bored. I slept all day, nothing to do outside, its almost 1 week now that always raining here, so I prefer to stay home, that makes me feel bored of not getting outside for how many days..lol. Im thinking of what to do in the coming months.. I wanna share my list of the things that Im planning to do..and here's the things that i want to accomplish and to do;

> to do well with my finals in univ. looking forward to, since im doing well this past terms, hope everything will ends well..

> to learn pole dancing or to enroll in pole dance class, after i watch pole dancing, i think its a nice exercise that can make the body look nice and healthy.

> to make a landscape for  a mini garden..ahhhmm..im thinking how am going to do it.

> thinking and planning about my future, well...well..

> to travel with special someone or with my friends or family

> to learn how to cook different kinds of cuisines (become a professional chef) and travel around the world for my profession.. why not??

> to have a kids when i reached the age of 32, yay! (in my dreams)

> to learn how to improve my weaknesses

> to be successful in any career path that im going to pursue.

>to be with someone whom i love :( .  sigh..

23 October, 2010

modern and contemporary design part2

I was feeling exhausted tonight.. my brain did not functioning well  because of migraine.

heres the continuation of what I posted yesterday..

 the lightning is nice

modern design with electronic bath tub..ahhhmmmm kinda interesting one

i like the details design of the wall

i like the combi of color..but dont like black ceiling

moroccan design

lovely bath tub..

i just love white

22 October, 2010

modern and contemporary designs

Today, while thinking some designs, i came up consulting mr. & mrs. g. ofcourse they're friend of all.
Last night Im thinking about house designs and this idea come  to the back of my mind..ahhmm..why not  try to check some contemporary and modern designs,

so heres the part 1 of designs that i like...

pink bathroom design - trendir

comtemporary rounded bathroom design cabinet

colorful designs

inspirational designs

modern lovely design with devine ideas

Yes,  Im fascinated by designs, i really do love designs and ideas.
 I love modern and contemporary designs.