31 August, 2010

confuse, bored, comfort food..

Today was a rainy and tiring day. After the whole day of doing a lot of things after I went to the supermarket just to buy a rostbratwurst and bockwurst for our practical exam in cuisines, ahmmm. first time im going to use this as one of the main ing. in a recipe, actually thats not included in a recipe i got, i just want to make a twist on it. ahmm..thinkin what to do tomorrow..

Just feel bored and.. ahmm..i think of this before dinner, i love sweets and its makes me feel okey. guess what??

this yummy made my day, i feel better after i had this yummy sweet. i was feeling bad last night and im really affected of what happend and i want to pamper myself. arrggghh..
and one more thing, i had read my reviewer earlier but i dont understand what is all about, im thinking now what will be the content of our exam for tomorrow coz the content of the reviewer was out of the topic we tackled the past few weeks.. what is happening?? im confused..lol.
i think i just feel sleepy and need to take some rest now..

i need some strength, courage and patience to overcome everything..

30 August, 2010

should i call it good night or a nightmare?

just checking pictures that im going to upload here.

i feel sad and wondering now...

while typing my post here, someone makes me feel sad, i dunno what i have done wrong and thinking what wrong words i have said. this person might misunderstood what i have said and replied to me a message that makes me feel bad, i didnt expect that tonight i'll be sad. yes, the message i got makes me feel really bad and hurt me that almost makes me cry. I didnt know that in a simple words that ive said it became a big issue. wtf.. did i say something bad? haisstt..hope ill feel okey later on. just feel really bad now.. arrgghhh.. seems like im having nightmare while awake!

I need more strenght, courage and patience..

28 August, 2010

shot was quite bad

i didnt check the settings of my cam.. tsk..tsk..

i thought it was a real tree..its an artificial tree and they just put a small green lights to make it attractive..ahmmm.. creativity makes thing look good..


got problem with the settings of my cam, i forgot to check it, the result was quite bad..

entire city view at night

Overlooking place.. a view of the entire city..

recently my friends and I visited here just to unwind and to forget all the pressures and stress in the city.. a lovely place, peaceful and relaxing. oh!stairs, stairs...a 30 steps in a stairs before you reached to the top area of the place to see this overlooking view, are we doing exercise in a middle of the night?? not bad, when you reached there a breath taking view at night was nice, such a lovely place.

25 August, 2010

something special missin by me.. tantrums and mood of a big girl..lol.

you make me feel missin you now, something special missin by me and guess what and who?, and thats a yummy yogurt..

Good morning! i have tantrums today and im not in a good mood. i need to pamper myself by listening to music. just feel bored and its killin me. thinking of going somewhere out there to release stress and those annoying issues. i feel wanna burst out coz of stress.

btw, i wanna say thank you to my new online friend , she gave me a link where i can learn basic arabic language, im having fun learning this language.hope to memorize some of the basic words.. well, its a test for me if i still have a sharp memory to memorize those words.

coz i hate,

reading books coz it makes me feel sleepy everytime but ofcourse theres still an exception, it depends upon the kinds of book that i want to read.

memorizing, i feel my brain want to burst out, lol. but whether i like it or not, i cant do anything, i have a lot of things to memorize esp. in my everyday lectures in class. ^-^. oh life!

tomorrow im going to visit the place for my project proposal, this is the first time that i will visit the place, feel kinda nervous coz its far from the city.

feeling sad :(. ive been thinking about u, do you still remember me?

21 August, 2010

my new one

Good morning! I changed my blog background, i just feel bored with my old background, and i think its time to transform it into simple yet nice background. As i mention in my previous post that im going to make a new blog to my life in univ and i already open it and i start doing some posts on it..if you wanna visit just click the link: chocolate heaven, at the right upperside.hope to upload some pictures soon..

14 August, 2010

life- like a rollercoaster one

Hellooo everyone!

Its been a long day. I had fun today with my close frends in university,we eat together and have some funny moments..yay! They make my boring life happy and everytime i have problems and feel down and sad theyre the people who lift my spirit and always says to me that everything will be fine. yes they are right that in 100%, i only have 20% percent problem compare to those people who has more than the percentage of problem i have, so im still blessed and i should be thankful to God coz despite of all problems i have now im strong and have a courage to do everything that i want just to make my life worthwhile. I think it is normal to a human being to have problems, you are a very lucky person if you dont have any problem at all, since i learned a lot of things from people who care for me to not take life and problem seriously, and just enjoy life and be happy, well i did and i let go all the reasons that burdens me so that i will be free from worrying and from anything that could give me reasons to feel sad.

Since I have so much things to do, (projects, exams, feasibilty study etc.) i need to be free from any worries to focus on this things. having hard times for my finals in university but we enjoy everyday of our time with each other in class, sooner or later we will fall apart and thats another sad things coz after how many years of being together in one place, through hard time, bad time, happiness, sadness and pressured we're all one but we have our own different journey in life. Im planning to make another blog link for my university life and i planned to put everything that we had in our university life being together as one group. I just think of it now and hope soon if i have free time to stay long online i will start doing this. i will share the link here soon.

I feel not good this week,i have cough and colds coz of unpredictable weather, sometimes the weather here was too bad, i always remind myself to bring umbrella all the time, lol. :) i feel really tired today, when i got home i fall asleep and woke up late.yay!

and tonight i watched news and one of the news was "abortion and divorce to make it legal in this country". hmmm.. ofcourse first, 100% church against on it, some agree but most wasnt agree of it. well, lets wait what will gonna happend to this issues if theres a possibilities to implement this law or not but ofcourse the congress approval and pres needs just to implement this kind of law let us see if they will approve this issues and make it legal. If it happend theres a possibilities that it will cause a big problem in the country.:(

and before anything else,
I wanna greet creamer a Happy happy Birthday! I wish you all the best and May Almighty God Bless you always. hope you had a blast!..
Thanks God for everything, for guiding me and for giving me strenght, courage and wisdom.

08 August, 2010

hold the hand of the person whom you love..

A little girl and her father were crossing the bridge.

The Father was kind of scared, so he ask her little daughter; "Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you dont fall into the river", The little girl said: No dad you hold my hand."

What's the difference? Asked the puzzled Father.

There is a big diference; replied the little girl. "If I hold your hand and somethings happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, I knew for sure that no matter what happens you will never let my hands go".

In any relationship the essence of trust is not in its bind but in its bond. So hold the hand of the person whom you love rather expecting them to hold yours...

06 August, 2010

WARNING!! just wanna share this info..

Be careful about what you post in FB..

yes, this video warned us that we should be aware of what we have posted on fb, especially those personal info of yours,anyone can steal/get that info that youve posted. i have fb account but i never put my personal info over there and no need to do it nway.

05 August, 2010

character shows of what you really are

After a long weeks of discussing our plans at last the deal closed... this coming weekend we're going to have a lunch meeting with the person who will handle the event that we had plan..

anyway this issue makes me feel annoyed today,

a press released that wont dare to buy!

yes! my eyebrows raised when i heard the press release of the people who just making stories that make us wonder or they just trying to make us believed becoz they dont do their respective job in a event for next month, oh well, what to expect from those people who just want a higher position in the event but they dont even bother themselves to do the assigned job that given to them... so frustrating!

No change of circumstances can repair a defect of character...

03 August, 2010

for adults only..sweet temptation

A tipsy twist.. of a yummy temptation

Wanna try this one?? I was just curious the taste of ice cream with liqueur, so i tried it and the taste was good..yey!

Liqueur Ice Cream....


introduces favorite cocktail drinks on ice cream...

Ah Ya Alby

ah! ya alby ah ya alby ah ya alby

da habibi garhy bizidoo
hayeltoo, bost ala ido
ya habibi garhy bizidoo

sabny w ban'i w yma'a lawa'ni
w leh maw'efshi gamby

ah ya alby ah alby ah ya alby

kont ayedloo sham'i
we byehlaloo dam'i
dal ekhlas fi tab'i we t'awedti aleh
welli m'aasar fiya
ennu mahashesh biya
badel eshra diya
bade ma honte alih

Oh my heart oh my heart oh my heart

my baby is increasing my injury
i pegged, i almost kissed his hand
my baby is increasing my injury
i pegeed, i almost kissed his hand

he left me and betryed me
why didnt he stayed by my side?

oh my heart oh my heart oh my heart

i used to enlighten my candles for him ( was obeying him)
he used to enjoy while im crying
this is loyalty in my personality and got used to it
what affected me the most
that he didnt feel me
after all these years
it was easy for him to leave me

02 August, 2010

as sweet as candies?? which one was the sweetest??

Loving many people all at the same time is like eating candies with different flavors....
it's fun because you get to taste all of them,
but once you're done... and when they're all gone,
can you tell, which candy was the sweetest?

dont go off the very deep end..world most expensive hotel to built

boat-shaped SkyPark perched a top of three towers that make up the world's expensive hotel.. (worldnews)

don't go off the very deep end... infinity pool 55 storeys above ground..

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino Singapore

The resort from accross the bay, a breathtaking view.. The hotel which has 2,560 rooms and the world most expensive hotel to built...what can you say about the glam of it??

Forever In Love..Love it..

I really love this.. Forever Inlove

01 August, 2010

oh! another month of journey..

Its weekend again. Its time to say goodbye to month of July and say hello to month of August.. i feel sad today and i dunno why? just feel lonely. i slept all day coz i went home late last night from work so i need to recharge and im not feeling okey since last week, it is cause of the unpredictable weather.

btw, yesterday while im at the mall roaming around with one of my friend, looking for some stuffs, somebody calling me and I was wondering who's that person.. it was a surprise.. my long lost friend, what a small world really.. i cant imagine after 7 years that we dont have communication to each other, our path crossed again, i felt happy seeing her again after a long time. in this cruel world theres a lot of surprises and unexpected things happend.

im done with my first presentation report and i dont have any loads this week so I think I can relax and recharge myself, there are a lot of changes in me and i dont wanna think of what had happend before that cause me pain and make my heart cold. i just learned from it and think of things that make my life worthwhile and for the successful career i have chosen. Im in a middle of being confused and i feel im in a middle of nowhere..

Thanks God for everything.