16 December, 2010

Thank you!

Whenever my life feels empty,
Those times when I feel a lack,
I thank God for your special friendship,
Because I know you've got my back.

When I wonder about life's true meaning,
And whether it all makes sense,
With a word or a smile from you, friend,
I forget my silly laments.

I guess what I'm trying to say, friend,
Is with all your support and your giving,
You brighten each minute I'm with you,
And make every day well worth living.
Thanks to all my friends who cheer me up  and lifting my spirit everytime I'm feeling down.. Im just in a good mood today to make  a post. I'm still sorting out some issues and things..
Thanks God for all the blessings, guidance and courage. Hope all of my wishes will come true and God will grant it to me soon, I want to be happy again..

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