12 February, 2013

I am back..

I'm back.. I miss the blogsphere world after of few months not checking my blog site. Hope all's well.  I was kind a busy with my work and the past few months I moved here in UAE, so I don't get a chance to check and do some post due to my work it is hard to get enough time to stay long online but fortunately today I am in good mood and get a chance to say HI.

I got sick recently. I am suffering from colds, cough, headache, and sore throat problem that cause me fever and I lost my appetite also but I still manage myself to go to work, until now I still have cough and colds after a year of not getting sick, I am wondering why some medicine does not effect on me so I decided to do some water therapy and good to know that it has better effect on me especially to my colds and cough.  I am happy having time in front of my lappy. Till here for the meantime..