26 April, 2010

my sleeping habbit and random issues

Whatta lazy Sunday! one of my close friend called me many times today, so i woke up early just to answer her calls, shes preparing going to work but me, im still on the bed, sleeping..lol, but after we talked i'll go back to bed and sleep again, usually i woke up late during weekend especially if i dont have some important things to do,usually i woke up at 1pm or 3pm, no breakfast and lunch.. i feel lazy today and exhausted, so i stay on the bed all day, my friends missing me a lot, and today i recieved messages and calls from them.. miss them and our bonding together. i planned to go to moa this afternoon, but i fall asleep and woke up 7pm its too late to go out, so i stay home. my sister and i has a sleeping habbit, most of our free time we spent it on sleeping after those stressful days. we love sleeping!..

chubs (my chubby classmate, thats what i called him), sent us a thread message on fb, saying that he just arrived from boracay, thanks chubs for remembering us. hope to see you guys soon on our duties at work.

yesterday,i spent most of my time talking to my mentor, we had a long hours of conversation, we talked a lot of important things, for the improvement.so, this is it, really is it...hope everything would turned out okey.
I planned for a new adventure by next month, wanna visit the malboro country of the south, really, its a lovely place to visit and explore. hope to get a vacation.hoping and wishing.
Thanks God for all the blessings!..

25 April, 2010

in a break mode

yay! im not in the mood to make a long post. i feel exhausted. hope to make a long post before my busy days start. i need to chillax to recharge my brain. so i need to have a break for the meantime...

Thanks God for all the blessings! mwaahhhuuugggsss everyone.. have a great weeks ahead. ciao.

23 April, 2010

special one made my day..sweet time for me..

I feel kinda lonely and in a bad mood but special one made me feel okey, I feel happy.. special one made my day! yay! this one made my day. a sweet time for me, so here we go, take a look what made my day happy...

i visited my fave resto days ago and since the chef and bartender are my good friend, so, i requested this flavor as in the same as what i saw on net, no more no less, so when i visit them to have something coz i feel im in bad mood, they present to me this 2 diff kind of sweets.. i feel happy..

Thank you!( note: just got from net but still the same as what i request no more no less..this is what i requested from them)

22 April, 2010

patiently waiting for the summer hot weather end

yey! i already had talked to my dermatologist and she said she still have the solution that im looking..made me happy, yahoo!.. coz if happened my doctor dont have that product i need to buy it online, its available only in singapore,vietnam, europe and mideast country but here they pulled out already in the market, so sad, maybe hospital doctors dont used it nowadays.


im bit busy, lots of things to be done and thinking my new job, hoping that everything will be turned out okey.hope i'll assigned also in the head office..lol! im always in a silent mode nowadays and dont stayed long online due to some important things. and still summer here, 1 month more to go and summer is over, a little patient to the summer hot weather..ewww.. im counting the days.hehehe. time passing too quickly, seems like i dont want to get old and my age would stuck on the same digit so that i dont have to worry about. i dont have that much adventures nowadays because the heat of the sun burnin my skin, so stay out of the sunny weather, no more beaches and other activities outside.

i miss my university life, i miss my everyday life being a student, i miss all of my naughty classmates and those times that were together in a class. i missed their presence, everytime i feel sad theyre the one who make me laughed. i love my life being a student eventhough sometimes we're on ahot seat and having some difficulties in our subjects in class but still we're all happy and enjoying life. miss you guys and gals! mwaaahhuuugss!

18 April, 2010

our good friendship - and my skin derma issues.

I feel bored, lazy today..lol!. i attend mass and visit my dermatologist but she was not around today because of she has an important things to attend (thats what her sec. told me) just want to consult for something and ask for a new solution products coz the products i used is now out of the market since last january, how i wish i bought 3 doz. of it. it makes me feel worried a little bit coz that product is very important to me, or else im gonna undergo a - quick bleaching for every 2 weeks which is quite expensive or laser treatment. :(. well, dont lose hope, still hoping for the best.


yey! while roaming around and thinking a lot of things i saw my friend ali. what a small world after more than month of not sending him sms and talking to him, we talked for an hour and its nice talking to him again,i miss his company and the way he laughed at things and every issues we talked about, and somebody send him a crazy message and he let me read it,all i can say about it was a cheap message from a cheap lady out there that makes us laugh together, i always pray that soon he'll find someone who will be his partner in life forever coz he is nice man and i know he deserve the best and a good woman, a partner who will accept him as he is and who will taking care of him, being one of his good friend ofcourse i always wish him all the best things coz been long he's alone and only his little princess is with him and she is not a kid anymore. hmm.ssshhh.. seems like hes dating someone but he still remember someone from the past, i missed also his ex gf, since she left she doesnt even call us and we didnt know what happend to her.
and he felt bad to me coz i didnt invite him when i went on vacation and travelled, he want to join with me he said, this is our frendship is all about, were like just brother and sister, we can talk any topic that we want to talked about, even its all about his personal relationship issues with someone or all about me and my personal life. im very thankful coz i met him and he became one of my good friend that i'll treasure. thanks for the good friendship my friend.

just inspired and feel okey, i feel im free of any burdens and stress. thanks to all my friends who always makes me happy and inspired me.

Thanks God for all the blessings, courage, strenght and happiness.

Have a blessed week everyone! mwaahhhuugggsss

16 April, 2010

had a blast!

I had a good day today. Yehey! at last we're home, thanks God were all safe. I really feel tired from a long walk with my batchmates, we're just having fun and roaming around the city. i enjoyed the momentum with them, it was a diffrent kind of experience together with them. we had blast and enjoyed the day.

Really tired and need to sleep now.. have a blessed weekend everyone!


14 April, 2010

qoutes for the day

Treat a man as he is, he will remain so. Treat a man the way he can be and ought to be, and he will become as he can be and should be..

how i wish that i could tell you and wishing to have a time machine - thinking about the feeling

Im feeling not good this past days, in short i feel sad, i just comfort myself in listening to music and think those happy things that can change my bad mood. it makes me feel sad everyday, sometimes i dont want to think of it coz its just make me feel sad and lonely and arrrggghhh im going to have some wrinkles because of it. I just hoping, wishing and hoping and wishing.

I talked to one of my friend and she is really a bubbly person and she didnt change, she makes me happy for a minute.. haissstt thanks to her. As much as possible i dont want to feel sad and lonely coz its affects me a lot and makes my life like a roller coaster. I cried because of sort of things i have now. How i wish i have a time machine so that i could get back the time that i felt everything were fine and i dont feel sad, the time that i felt the happiness because of someone who brighten my gloomy days but everything was changed now and that makes me wonder. whatever it was still ill become emotional everytime i think and remember about it.

mwahhuuggsss everyone:)

13 April, 2010

vacation is over and want some major make over

Haisst feel kinda annoyed today, because all of the songs uploaded in my media player got problem..tsk..tsk.. tat made my day, my goodness. i need to fix it and it takes time. just feel bit okey from headache that ruined my everyday routine. Im not happy of what happening nowadays, seems like i want a total makeover to change my environment and my mood. i feel sad this past days.

got a reply message from habib, thanks for the response. dont worry i understand you.i was just wondering why i dont receive any reply and makes me feel awkward and sad bcoz of some reasons, i wont elaborate it here coz its kinda personal but its okey atleast you inform me that youre fine, so i will not worry that much. as long as you're happy, i will be happy for you also.i missed your presence.:)

i planned to go to the saloon to cut my long hair, but my boss told me not to cut it and instead told me to buy an electric roller curler, huh! what happened to boss??lol!, its for a change??. huh, gossshhh.. not in my wildest dream to make my long hair curly, no way.. still plan to cut it by end of this month, we will see what will be the outcome and how do i look?

still the weather here is too hot, haissst rain where are you??lol. my vacation is over and back to reality, stressful and busy days, i already have my scheds. hope to have a free time to make a posts.

Thanks God for all the strenght and courage.. mwaahhhuuggsss everyone! :-*

12 April, 2010

have a blessed week everyone

I have severe headache (migraine) so i dont stayed long online coz it makes me feel dizzy, just feel bit okey today. Im going to start my new work this week, another busy weeks and stress. I had a short conversation with my cousin frend a day ago, its been long time that we dont have any communication, i think almost 2 years. we talked about the subjects in class and what we had in our everyday life, this person was one of my online tutor 3 years ago with my math subjects in class, im a slow learner when it comes to number figures so need some help from the expert who love number figures, but now i dont have any problem when it comes to number figures coz since then everytime i have this kind of class subject i focused on it so its easy for me to learned the lectures.

Nothing serious happened this past weeks, i feel kinda bored.lol. I recieved an invitation from one of my batchmate for her birthday party but i refuse to come, im not in a mood to attend a party since i have a lots of things to prepare for my work so need to do some important things first.

I have a schedule tomorrow for my medical check up, hope everything will be okey. have a blessed week everyone! till the next post..

mwaahhhhhhuuugggsss everyone!

09 April, 2010

the time alone with you

When everything is cloudy ad the sun won't shine on me
And it seems like nothings goin right theres a place I want to be
Just laying there beside you in the shelter of your room
I leave the world outside your door, lose myself in you

When you're in my arms i find all that I need
I could never live without the heaven that you showed me
Ive been waiting all my life just to look into your eyes
I live for the time alone with you

And when i climb the stairs to find you and we reach for the light
I thank God ive got this time alone with you
Your kiss can captivate me and your touch can set me free
I count the hours till you are next to me

And its taken such a long time to find someone that understands
When I reach out for love now, I reach out for your hand
When I feel your heartbeat it makes me come alive
I don't wanna live without, somethin that is so right

Ive been waiting all my life just to look into your eyes
I live for the time alone with you
Cause everytime I see your face all my troubles fade away
I live for the time alone with you

wanna share this nice song:)

07 April, 2010

epidural, bad hot weather, messages from people who care and fb issues that makes my day

Its been a long day.I still have a mild headache but I still feel exhausted, the hot weather really makes me feel not good, yesterday i had medical check-up, the assigned doctor were very nice, still not yet done coz im on a "red flag" lol. so i need to go back next week to see the doctor again..hmm..im afraid of injection, this is one of my fear, it makes me shiver and sometimes makes me cry. :( before i dont have fear in needle syringe injection, it was started when i undergone an operation 4 years ago, its called epidural steroid injection(general anesthesia), the anesthesiologist injected to my backbone and it was a big needle and oh lala it was very painful, i cant explain the pain..it was really an ouchhh, ouchh,ouchh painful:(.they cant put it on the dextrose cause im sick that time and it can cause some problem to my body that could cause to death,it was more than a week that i feel the pain. Thanks to my bestfriend star coz shes the one who took care of me that time. i miss her a lot its almost a year now that i didnt see her, and its almost a month now that we didnt talk, were both busy nowadays, lots of business matter to attend to. hope one of this days i'll have free time to travel outside the country to visit her.

It was a worst weather yesterday, i was outside and damn the weather was too hot and i feel im inside the oven,lol, and i feel my skin burnin and my cheeks was like an apple color, when i got home i feel so tired and sleepy, i took a shower then i sleep and i woke up late for dinner and then go back to bed and sleep again..lol! i was tired yesterday and the only thing i want to do is to sleep. Today my sis told me i look so haggard. yes i am coz the weather really gives me such bad feeling. I really dont like summer, even my friends love it coz its a time to go to the beach and have some fun but me i really dont like it..wheeeww.. i'd rather stay inside the room than to have fun under the sun. who cares! this is me and nobody can change me for being so killjoy during this season.

It was an overwhelming feeling that my classmates message me and asking my whereabouts and they told me what theyre doin this summer season and they missed me a lot. i feel wanna cry..lol! am i sounds dramatic. i missed also those old days with them that sometimes makes me feel annoyed coz theyre very naughty and sometimes they bother me a lot because of projects and reports that we need to give to our professor and they want to borrow my notes. miss you guys and gals!..:)

I was feel kinda huh! and raise my eyebrows, everytime i open my fb account a lots of dramatic personal posts i read.. haisssttt.. i was wondering, why you need to posts your personal issues towards your partner and other people on fb?,mostly i read was about problem in their relationship, break ups, their feelings towards that specific person and other nonsense issues, and what makes me feel annoyed is when they post it on my on fb wall or they tag it on my fb, if one of my friend list do it most of the time i put them hide on in my wall even they posts i cant see their post or the worst thing i did is i deleted them on my list. its okey to post what you feel but not to the extent that your personal issues with your partner you posts it also, as anyone could read it. i think personal issues should keep as private matter between the people who's only involved with it and not to posts it and let your other friends/people knew whats going on between you and that person. yay life! thats all for now..

mwaahhhhuugggsss!.:) chhheeeerrrrssss..:-*

05 April, 2010

headache and the bad hot weather..

Hey yah! have a severe headache today..the weather here is too hot. need to take a rest early and cant stay long online.. my adventures diary is still closed, still checking the pics that im going to put..
Thanks God for all the blessings!
mwaaahhhuuuggggsss.. have a blessed week everyone!

03 April, 2010

vacation is almost over..

Hey yah! we celebrated the holy week. the vacation is almost over, back to normal life again, busy scheds. how time flies.. its month of april now and thinking for a vacation out of country but still dont have free time to travel, how sad. every summer i travelled to bkk and i think this is the first summer that i cant travel because of some important things to do here, i cant cancelled all of the appointments i have coz i already signed the contract.

gonna miss the songkran festival, month of April they celebrate the songkran festival (Thai Traditional New Year), i remember last april when i was in bkk,people bring a bucket of water and watergun, 2 days that i was afraid to get out of the hotel room to roamed around the city because i dont want to get wet..no...no.. no..way.. you can't complained coz its a tradition so better to stay inside the hotel, every night i stayed at the hotel resto and having some chitchat with my friend who's working there till mid of the night. hope before the summer end i'll get a vacation. my friend keep on asking me when im gonna visit bkk again..haisssttt..they just make me feel sad everytime i heard that words from them..

Im happy now and i dont have any burdens that makes me feel sad, im contented with what i have in my life, im happy and i dont have any bitterness now. i enjoy and live my life to the fullest. soon ill post all of my latest adventures and the pics..


friendship or relationship??

Friendship and love both are so dissimilar and both are so similar to each other. A lover is considered the bestfriend in our life. We shared most of our thoughts with our romantic partner. Then why cannot a good friend become a good lover? or is that possible to do successfully?

Many of us are worried that by romantically involving with our friend we may loose our friend and never gain a lover.

What are the differences between friendship and love?
When do we call a person our friend?
When do we call someone a very good friend?

To call anybody a good friend we must have the qualities in the frienship -
- if we care for a person
- if we are always ready to help that person
- if we share most of our thoughts with a person
- we are always sure that our friend understand whe we act in a certain way
- we can always count upon our good friends in an emergency

Are these the quality of a good romantic relationship?

In romantic love we are physically attracted to our beloved, our beloved is also physically attracted toward us. That may not happen in friendship. Most of romantic relationship happen because there is something in the other person that magnetically draw us to them that does not happen in friendship.

Friendship and romantic relationship look to be very much alike each other, but in reality they are different. If you wish to have your friend as your romantic partner you need to think again. You may be about to loose a good friend, you may not get a romantic relationship in bargain but only pain may result from this. Better to avoid it.