26 May, 2010

im back and other random issues

Im back.. after a weeks of not visiting my dear diary.. just having a very busy days, i need to finish my training as soon as possible. what a stressful weeks. im off at work today but im still busy with my other work.. :) i got tired today, i had a lot of things today. i went to the bank, bought some stuffs , i accompany my brother to the terminal going back home etc...

yey! my brother visit me here at home and stayed for how many days but he need to go back home because next week he will go back to work. hope soon he will visit us here again.. missed my family.

I got home late night since i started my training, everyday was a very tiring day. i feel so sleepy at work last night..lol.:) our chef cooked one of my fave food. yey! but i didnt eat that much coz im not in the mood to have lunch and dinner. i feel exhausted and tired. im getting closer to my last day in training.wheewww..after those sleepless nights, happy and friendly people around, new friends i met and annoying guests and night shift manager, really i dont know what kind of attitude he has coz sometimes he is very nice to us but sometime he is kinda bad and annoying. but i need to be good coz he is the one who will sign my training certificate and for my exit interview and other documents that i need for my portfolio and other university requirements.


i didnt stayed long online since i start my training, im not updated of what happening around the globe this past weeks.i just dont have enough time to read. i feel kinda bored and sad nowadays. there's a lot of things happened this past month and i had a hard times to cope with the situation. i feel okey because im at work and i have busy days so i didnt feel lonely. thanks God coz all of the people at work were very nice to me.yey! Thanks God!.. I dont have time to watch tv, i almost forgot to check my mobile sometimes and sometimes i forgot to eat also.. this is the life of being busy.

I feel wanna cry sometimes coz i have a tan color skin now, i go to work at noon time and the weather outside too hot. still summer here and the weather too bad. i stopped my skin medication and vitamins for the meantime but after my training i will visit my derma doctor to continue my skin medication. and i lose weight, go back to being slim yay! too bad...

We planned to go out of town a week after next week, its a bonding session with new friends and colleagues and the managers that we love to be with us at work,lol! hope i still have energy to join with the bar department outing. hoping and wishing that i can join with them, hope i dont have any sched on that day.

Thanks God for all the courage and strenght and for taking care of those people i love..

Have Blessed week everyone.. missed my family..

happylovely signing off!. till next time..mwaahuggsss:)

12 May, 2010

im back - i miss everything

hey yah! im off at work today so i have enough time to stay long online. I was quite busy the past weeks due to my training in our class subject in university, im having hard times nowadays it's a new environment for me and i need some adjustment to cope with the situation. In a short weeks of working my eyes became wide open in a real world of people who love night life. I discovered a lot of things, its just happened that i never been visit any hotel bar eversince and its a new environment for me to work here but i enjoyed working with them because i learned a lot from them (employee's in a bar) and those knowledge and experience in a real world of hospitality i cant get that from university itself without the actual/ hands on - training, we have intelligent bartender.wheww.but all of them were nice.

New environment, friends, colleagues and people around me. The first day of my work here i feel wanna give up coz its really hard to adjust with the environment coz i dont used to this kind of place, but later on I enjoyed working with them. They told me im very sensitive person and strict, thats their impression of me..lol! oh yeah, im kinda, but now they love me and taking care of me at work, lol. Being sensitive is part of my life, im a very sensitive person since before and its hard for me to change it and being fierce is not my attitude, as they said im a very soft spoken person and sometimes its not good. yay! do i need to evaluate myself?? so that i would know my weaknesses and strenght, again?? lol!

I know myself but of course sometimes people around you can help also to improved ourselves to become successful one. Im a very open minded person and I accept criticism and I listen to advices of the people who care for me but when it comes to my personal life i never let anyone to intervene or to say something coz its easy for me to get upset when my personal life is the issue. im very sensitive when it comes to my personal life. so dont ask me.

Since I start my training work I dont have enough time to go anywhere, its really different from my job, I really miss the place where i used to relax everytime i feel sad and stress, i miss my bed coz i only have 5 or 6 hours of sleep and my everyday routine. I miss my lappy and the time im doing some posts, my brain sometimes didnt function coz i dont have enough time to read. I miss everything that i used to do, haissstt.. a little patience and after a weeks im almost done the training and go back to the normal life. til next posts. happylovely is signing off.

Thanks God for all the blessings and courage and wisdom.

Have a blessed week everyone.

09 May, 2010

Happy Mom's Day Mom!

Happy Mothers Day to all Mom's!
Thanks for everything mom..i love you so much!

Hey yah! just got home from work, its kinda late now but still im not feel sleepy, bit tired but its okey its just part of our class subj so i need to sacrifice just to finished the required hours. i had a lot of things to discuss here but i dont have enough time coz i need to take a rest also. soon ill post some issues that ive encountered this past weeks.

Thanks God for all the blessings, courage, wisdom, and for taking care of me and those people whom i love.

02 May, 2010

enjoying my work - i love watermelon and dark chocolate with almonds

These makes me happy and complete my days..i do really love this much.

Yay! today im off at work.. i can sleep all day, after those tiring days at work and need some rest and the weather here really bad. yesterday i have migraine, haisstt too bad, im at work and i need to take medicine just to feel okay.

Im enjoying my work, i shift my workplace, im still on adjustment stage because the place is new for me but i enjoy my days here and i have lots of fun with my colleagues and i met new friends here also, and our manager is a very cool person so its easy for me to get along with them. When i first met our bartender i thought he was a snob kind of person but i was wrong, he is a cool person and very funny. The only problem is i got home late at night because of my time sched, but it was okey the important thing for me is i enjoy my work.


Since im always busy at work i never open our fridge at home, coz when i got home, i took a shower and preparing to go to the bed and sleep. Today, when i open our fridge i saw a watermelon inside, my sister didnt tell me that she bought one, makes me feel happy, i really love watermelon, i feel really happy because of watermelon, its yum yum.. lol. and she bought also a dark chocolate with almonds, whew i love chocolates also, this two are my comfort food, everytime i feel not okey i go to the supermarket just to buy it, since im always at work i didnt know what we have inside the fridge and i didnt know also that sis bought some groceries coz most of the time im the one who buy whatever we need at home, i just dont have time nowadays and im always not at home so i didnt check everything, and when i woke up this morning my sis cooked our favorite food, shrimp..yay! i eat too much today. i love you sis! you made my day!.

I got time to check my mails and stay online a bit long and make a posts..lol!
Thanks God for all the blessings, for the happiness, guidance, wisdom and courage.
have a blessed week everyone!

01 May, 2010

temporarily closed

Im busy nowadays.. i closed my other blog temporarily because i dont have enough time to stay long online and to upload some of our pictures. im in a night shift at work and i got home late time. sleepy and feel tired today..

thanks God for all the blessings!