18 September, 2011

So little time

It is nice to be back on blogsphere.

Tonight after doing my projects. I checked my mail and happy to see my bestfriend online after long time. We chatted for a few minutes. I am happy to know that she will be back in the country end of this year. Its almost a year now that we haven't see each other since she left. I feel okey that she is doing okay and enjoying now her job at cruiseline. I just missin her a lot, she is one of my close friend and I treat her like a sister and part of my family, I have only two close girl friend whom I treat like my sister and part of my family, I trust them so much and whatever happens they will always there for me through bad times and good times. And I am proud of them for their achievements in life.

 I have busy days now due to submission of projects that we have. So, I seat on it just to finished for a day. It's been 3 weeks in a row now that I only have 3-4 hourse sleep. I feel I am so stress now and I really need some rest but it's not a right time to relax and have some fun because of too much things that need some attention and nee dto be done before the day of submission. I feel 24 hours is not enough just to finished everything that I have for a day, time passing too quickly and need to manage the time wisely. What a stressful weeks still to come but need some patience after this all of the hardwork will be paid off.
Thanks God for all the blessings, courage, wisdom, patience and guidance.

ms. M