24 October, 2010


Today I feel kinda bored. I slept all day, nothing to do outside, its almost 1 week now that always raining here, so I prefer to stay home, that makes me feel bored of not getting outside for how many days..lol. Im thinking of what to do in the coming months.. I wanna share my list of the things that Im planning to do..and here's the things that i want to accomplish and to do;

> to do well with my finals in univ. looking forward to, since im doing well this past terms, hope everything will ends well..

> to learn pole dancing or to enroll in pole dance class, after i watch pole dancing, i think its a nice exercise that can make the body look nice and healthy.

> to make a landscape for  a mini garden..ahhhmm..im thinking how am going to do it.

> thinking and planning about my future, well...well..

> to travel with special someone or with my friends or family

> to learn how to cook different kinds of cuisines (become a professional chef) and travel around the world for my profession.. why not??

> to have a kids when i reached the age of 32, yay! (in my dreams)

> to learn how to improve my weaknesses

> to be successful in any career path that im going to pursue.

>to be with someone whom i love :( .  sigh..

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