30 June, 2010

telco CS! so frustrating

A good day to all!

I have problem with my mobile number, my simcard got problem since last sunday, i called the cs of the company and they told me i need to wait for 3 to 5 working days before they could give me the cause of the poblem of my sim why it has no service - in short i cant get any satellite signal from them. my mobile itself has no problem coz i checked it and the only has a problem was my simcard.

and i also inquire if i can activate my old number so that i can use it again, but unfortunately they told me they dont have any access and program to activate it again, so the only thing i can do for now is to apply and buy a new simcard. i was wondering whats wrong with this telco coz they dont have any access to checked what happend to my card, until now i cant use it. they have poor system program.

argghhh... so frustrating.

27 June, 2010

questions?? so many questions that dont find the answer yet!

Whatta lonely days for me, not only days but weeks!.. i just feel lonely this past weeks. I attend mass tonight and i went to my fave place and stayed for an hour there, i want to feel better. I dunno why im still out of my senses nowdays. Im thinking of something different, its about my life and plan for the next coming year, since time passing too quickly, i need to plan ahead of time for advance preparations. I feel kinda bored with my everyday routine in life and I want some changes, a total make over!

I went out without bringing umbrella, so here i am again, coughing and have little cold, the weather nowadays too bad.

I talked to one of my new friend when i got home, and we had a nice conversation. i learned something new today shared by a good friend.Thanks! I end up listening to music tonight, i still not feel okey. why i feel like this??? Am not living in a lonely world..but why i dont feel the happiness? boredom killing me little by little!

There's a lot of blessings to be thankful for. Thanks God for all the blessings, for the courage, and strenght.

21 June, 2010

in a middle of the crowd

Hey yah! I had headache today, i didnt attend my class today. arrrggghh... I met new friend from somewhere and this person reminds me of someone, i just dont know if its just at the back of my mind that they have the same attitude, it just happend that i met this person unexpectedly and when we had conversation, it really reminds me of someone. anyway whatever it is im still blessed because in the middle of the crowd i met someone who become a good frend of mine and a person who always lift my spirit to feel better. thanks God!

Sometimes we didnt know who will come along our way, its just happend in unexpected time and place, sometimes people come and go in our life, we might loose them but at the end we just realize that we gain knowledge and learned a lesson from them, they leave a footprints in our life, and we treasured that person, eventhough he/she is not part of our life anymore or we dont have any communication with them there is a time that we still remember them and thinking where is he/she now? is he/she fine?.


we have a lot of projects in our international cuisine.. i dont know how and where im going to start..lol :). im planning to buy a book, wheeww..its kinda expensive, but its okey to invest for this coz every year the value of the book became high and sometimes you cant find that kind of book in a bookstore coz they only have limited stocks.

i just fixed my old blog and soon im going to open it again..

Thanks God for everything!

15 June, 2010

is that happiness really matters? what would you do if youre in her situation?..

what will you do?

Last saturday i had dinner with one of my friend and she open up the topic about her soon husband to be and their situation, she's having problem now, she said she's not happy and she want her freedom back, she feel different and she really want her life back like before that she has freedom to do everything that she want, she has her own time that wherever she want to go she can go, unlike now she said everything is changed and she feel bored and tired the life she has now, and she tried to broke up with this guy but this guy didnt want to let her go coz she feel she dont have any feelings of love for this guy anymore. i never meet her husband to be yet so i cant say anything about her situation. haissstt poor guy! lol..

> as she is one of my friend and she is closed to my heart, ofcourse i feel pity for her coz she is having hard time in her situation, even im willing to help her, i feel i cant do anything for her coz i dont know the guy, i never meet her bf yet, and besides its really hard to interfere with the relationships of other people eventhough she is my frend, i think its unethical to mind their personal life, but if she really want to leave this guy she can do, ofcourse shes the only one who can decide for her life and not anyone else.

> are you willing stay in a relationship with someone if day by day you feel you are not happy?

>would you still love the person if you feel you dont have freedom to do anything that you want?

>would you still stay in a relationship if only one side has a love and not both of you?

>how far would you fight for the freedom that you want to get back?

>are you willing to take a risk whatever happens?

>are you willing to bear the pain, sadness when the relationship come to the extent of ending it.

>how strong you are leaving the person whom became part of your life and seeing him got hurt just becoz of the freedom you want?

>do you think you will be happy if you know that you badly hurt someone else feelings?

random thoughts

Hallooo!. just got time to make a post. i was bit busy this past days due to some reasons that can't avoid in my everyday life. At last i had time to visit my fave place, just got time to relax and to sleep all night all day, its 24/7..lol! Ahmmm... im just on vacation for a week, so i need to enjoy every minute of it after a long months of working without a vacation, so, i shouldnt spoil those free time i have now. i feel bit okey now, just feel kinda sad and bored. There's something that makes me feel sad and bad. Im going to start my bittersweet revenge soon, lol ;), just wait and see what will gonna happen in the next few weeks.


I really love the weather here.. oh! i really love rainy season.its kinda romantic, is there something special with the rain? yes! coz it makes my day and inspired me. i remember those old times with my cousins and siblings. it brings back those childhood memories, its like candies and gummy candies that everytime i went to the candy store the first things comes on my mind was my childhood memories and my friends when i was a kiddo.

btw, i got sms from the people who cares but i didnt sent any reply coz im not in the mood to talk to anyone nowadays, i want to be alone and to relax, i dont want to talk to my friend for the meantime, I called it, "me time", they already understand if my status is like that. means i want to be alone.

I went to the mall tonight, I bought some stuffs and while having my dinner alone i saw the brother of my frend Ali, my god why everytime i saw him, he always staring at me? it makes me wonder and awkward, ahmmm..wanna ask my frend if why his brother is like that, maybe he want to approach me but he doesnt know how to do so because im kinda snob. and i never greet or even smile to a person whom not my friend, i dont care even they smile at me or they greet me. rule: "dont talk to stranger". but his older brother is nice person, all of them in the family were nice, as i remember he was the one who served me the food during his niece birthday, FYI: i was invited..lol!

Thanks God for the strenghts and courage and for taking care of my love ones and to those people whom i care about..

just thinking now what to do for tomorrow.

11 June, 2010

gonna travel and feeling down

yey! im done with my training!Thanks God! i feel happy at last im back with my normal routine in life but i miss my manager and colleagues and my everyday routine at work. oh life.. i felt sad and my heart melts when my manager said some touching words and advice.. im gonna miss them. huhuhu.. feel wanna cry that night before i leave, our bartender hugged me so tight and our manager cooked a yummy dinner for me.. grrrr..and our bartender, first time in my life that i tried to drink a mixed of whisky, rhum, tequila and vodka, with slice of lemon our bartender gave me a straight shots of this before i finish my duty... they told me it's bring good luck..lol! but i still love the taste of tequila rose, its yummy sweet. Thats how they love me, they're the first one who forced me to try those hard liqours,tsk..tsk..i enjoyed my days working with them even though sometimes i had a hard times dealing with some people around me and i felt annoyed sometimes and they make me cried but most of them help me to cope with the situation during the time that i had problem... im a very serious person at work. im working 11 hours everyday for almost 2 weeks. well, im just trying to kill myself.

and now i feel not okey, i have colds.. i went to the saloon today to cut my hair, wheeww..new hair style for a changed. i feel down and sad nowadays, i feel empty and bored. i want to change my environment, im gonna travel out of country this coming weeks. im alone as usual, and just want to enjoy life being alone in this life. feel kinda tired being like this but im still searching for the answer of all the questions i have till now. im still confused and wondering.

nowadays i dont feel happy, feel wanna stay in a place where i can relax and recharge my mind and myself. i feel tired of thinking some things that i know its impossible to happen. hope everything will be fine and i will be fine soon.

Thanks God for all the blessings, strenghts and courage..

08 June, 2010

one more day to go..

one more day to go! yey! i need to pamper myself.. really feel tired and exausted. time to travel to change my environment. i love the weather nowadays, cold rainy days..