28 August, 2011

A fashionable way of wrapping things

Today, while relaxing at home and thinking something to do, I switch the TV on and look for something interesting to watch and I stumble on this channel which they aired a documentary about history of different city in Japan. The documentary quite interesting and catched my attention. And since time passing too quickly and holiday is approaching and it is almost 3 more months to go so need to prepare for a presents to my family and friends on holiday and I always having a hard time to choose what gift wrapper I will use that will not give too much waste but an eco friendly one, and today I had an idea what to use. After consulting Mr. google here are some pictures I found online. I’m talking about Furoshiki- a fashionable way of wrapping things.

It’s a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth, an ancient tradition that used for gifts and other goods.

A creative and fun style of wrapping a gift. It usually made of a variety of cloths like nylon, silk, rayon and cotton

Furoshiki known as hirazutsumi- a flat folded bundle. A fashionable style of furoshiki. If you are a fashionable you should try this kind of wrapping a gift, you don’t need to be out of fashion, you can be creative and playful on what design you want for your gifts.

Everytime I think of something to buy as a present, I always had a hard time to pick something because I always think if they will like it or not and one of my friend told me that it doesnt matter how expensive your gifts is but it’s how presentable you wrap your gift and ofcourse you give it from the bottom of your heart, that matters most. For me, it doesn’t matter about the price its how that particular people value me in their life, it’s already a priceless present for me from people who valued me so much.
I recieved some invitation from my muslim friends this coming Eid so I have ideas now for the presents I will give to them.

Enjoy wrapping your gifts!..

ms. M

01 August, 2011

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim friends...

ms. M