02 November, 2010

another journey, a lovely and cold november

A lovely november, oh my sweet november..why? because this is the month which i was born..:)

Oh its time to say hello to a month of November and say goodbye to October. Its another month of journey and another month of learning and having a roller coaster life. Its not more than 2 months then we'll say goodbye to year 2010, oh how time flies. Im getting old again..additional year to my age..lol :) they told me dont think too much about adding your age and getting old..its just a number! the important thing is you look young and you have good heart.. yay! thanks to the person who said that..
october, the month which i had a lots of trouble, failures,hardship, pain and tears that i shed, but that made me strong as time goes by but there were time also that im happy, i felt happy because of people/friends who care for me and who cheer me up and wont leave me during those times that i am feeling down..

and im waiting for some surprises, hope there is.. seems like I am hoping again for something..lol, well why not and what if's..

well then,

its time to be happy and enjoy life

Thanks God for all the blessings, guidance, wisdom, courage and for taking care to those whom i love..

ms. M is signing off.. till next posts..

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