30 April, 2011

island paradise of Bicol


Matnog Bay

Calaguas Island in Camarines  Norte
white sand beach, a beautiful place. 
but take note: there's no hotel here so you need to have a tent, matching with bonfire at night. :) i think this place is only for those adventurous people. 

Gota Village Resort
nice village resort.

29 April, 2011

I do believe that -

I can see the flower upon which my life grows, blooming into a rose.
See the hope and courage in the strength of the petals.
As long as I am, I will be.
The flower will never wilt or die.

As my life grows back, I shall become strong.
I shall become only dependent on one.
That one will be me.
I will rise with my petals high.

My life as a flower will bloom and prosper as I grow.
I may not be the pick of the patch, but I am just as beautiful as the rest.
I will stand as one, but not a lonely soul.
The tears will be far from my smile.

welcome back sister

She's arrived. I went to airport to meet my close friend. She's back here after couple of years living in other part of the world. I am happy seeing her again. A very warm hug and a never ending story about things happend, happy and sad memories. While having our breakfast in Japanese resto inside the airport we talked about so many things with one of her friend way back in her collge life. I feel really happy that I see her again and we had bond even in a short period of time. A friend who always lift my spirit up and always there for me. She is like a sister to me and I treat her like one of my sister and part of my family. A very strong woman with a high spirit, intelligent and very courageous one. I told her "pinagtibay ka na ng panahon" thats how strong woman she is now and I think thats because of struggles in life she been through before. Sometimes makes me smile if I think of her and our life because we have the same life situation and that makes our friendship grows stronger, we understand every situation we been through.
A friendship that never I expected to have in my life but then in unexpected time we met and became good friends since then. I know how happy she is with her mi amore and it shows when I see her that morning. My dear friend you deserve to be happy and to have whatever you have now and in the future. I'm happy that you're back here again..

ms. M

28 April, 2011

Its a wonderful world

I feel so depressed and fed up the past few weeks and I decided to roam outside..

here's some of the pictures ...

santan plants... I just remember my mini garden in province I have  different color of santan flower, a red, yellow, violet, pink and the white one.

I don't have any idea about the name of this plant..

People roaming around the place

This plant doesn't like my hands care ever since.. One of our neighbor told me before that the temperature of my hand is not good for this plant, thats why everytime I plant this kind of plants is not successful so I stop dreaming of having this plants in my mini garden.

It's unsual flower I saw.. nice color

yey! Its "Anahaw" plants. In some part of Quezon and Albay province have lot of this. Some use it as roof for house, like one of my brother he used this as roof of his chicken house at the back of our house and for handicratfs also likes bags, fan, mat, basket, and etc, a very useful plants.

How wonderful the world we live in.. I just noticed there's so many good things around us that we don't notice and ignore, a simple things that we should appreciate because it's also makes our world  wonderful and beautiful one that keep us smile and think how lucky we are in our life.

ms m

22 April, 2011

explore and fulfillment

What's all about??

I want to visit, to do and to have...

Welcome to santorini..

The place where I want to visit.

It's a lovely and romantic place and I really want to visit this place one of this days and explore santorini in greece..

I want to visit this place and attend mass even once.

Royal Carribean cruise line.. well, I want to experience cruise line travellin, as some of my friend working in a cruiseline and they told me its nice to try it, it also has complete facilities and amenities inside, from bar, resto, pool, casino and etc and you can do whatever you want to enjoy your stay inside the cruise ship. hmmm... wanna try once.

I love seeing a someone who knows how to do ballet dancing. I know this will be hard for me to learn because I dont know how to dance, lol. This is one of my weaknesses. I don't know why I never ever tried to learn on how to dance,yay! poor me.. When I was in elementary level I do love dancing, I joined in our school activities that time but when I reached in secondary level I stopped because I feel shy till now. :)

I want to learn scuba diving, I think its nice to see under sea creatures, hope one of this day.

And lastly, ofcourse being a woman to have a baby is a dream and fulfillment. And this is one of my greatest dream and to feel the feeling of having a baby. A greatest fulfillment that every woman dream to have.

21 April, 2011

be thankful and ask for forgiveness

Today, I think I walked 7km. I went to different church and recite those 14 stations of the cross and pray. It's a tradition during lenten season called Visita Iglesia. Family, group of friends, lovers and etc gathered together to do this tradition during lenten season. It's 2 years now that I'm doin this alone. I don't have friends with me and family, my sister has to go to work and she can't go with me, so I prefer to be alone and to make it solemn also. My friends who used to be with me doing this together the past few years was not here already. It's a nice feeling doin this thing. I'm doin this almost 6 years now every lenten season, to be thankful for all the blessing that I have recieved and ask for forgiveness and guidance also. For me, it is not only a tradition its part of my life being a catholic. Nowadays, I noticed that some people who doin this they dont take it seriously, sometimes makes you feel annoyed because while you're praying suddenly there's a flash of camera and some are very noisy, instead of praying they talked loud about nonsense and make it like they're just having a tour. Oh, yes doing Visita Iglesia is like your having tour in different church and place but not to the extent that you need to bother those people who solemnly praying. But thats fine, after all I finished it without any hassles.
Thanks God for everything!


18 April, 2011


If only I could make you see
how much you mean to me
If only I could make you see
how special you make me feel

If only I could make you see
how perfect you are to me
If only I could make you see
how loving you does feel

If only I could make you see
how much you make me smile
If only I could make you see
how much I want you to be mine

If only I could make you see
that my love for you is real
If only I could make you see
that this is like a dream

If only you could make me see
that you are really real
If only you could make me see
that this is not just a dream

If only you could see these things through my eyes and mind
If only you could feel these things through my heart and soul

If All these Ifs may come true
you would finally see
that you're really meant for me
my endless love to be


15 April, 2011

its all about sweet tooth

While browsing some pictures from my files just remember to post this one, it's a continuation of my previous post..

to be continue..

12 April, 2011

well done and Thank you Lord

Another achievement I've done and I feel happy. I feel happy because all of my sacrifices, patience, and determination got a good result, to get a high grades in finals is very important to any students, after all those sacrifices and sleepless nights it's paid off when you see that all of those things you did has a very good outcome.

Its a fulfilled feeling that sometimes hard to explain. I 've been through a lot of ups and downs recently in my life and till at this very moment, I didnt expect that those trials gave me a strong determination to give all the best that I can to get a high grades in our finals in university. :) how I wish you were here to share with you what I feel now.

Thank you Lord, for the guidance, courage, and wisdom, for always giving me strenght that I need everytime I almost fall during my worst day. Thank you for making my worst day a good day, for giving me a peace of mind, and for making me a strong person during those times that I almost want to give up, despair and confused.

ms M

11 April, 2011

feel stranged..

Lonely and sad :(

change is the only constant things in this world

after all, life must go on and on, face the world with a bright smile like you never been hurt and cried...

ms. M

05 April, 2011

LOVE Sculpture

We went to this place for our final project. When I first heard the place where we are going to do our interview I don't feel any excitement, I thought it was just a simple location and nothing inside the location area and I feel annoyed also because the wather was like summer already and the location was so far from the city where I am living, and we need to take a long hours ride to get there. But when we arrived to the location I was really amazed with the place, its cozy inside and there are a lots of function area to chose and the place is very romantic and peaceful.

and I really like this love sculpture.
I feel I was in paradise when I entered the location, it's a lovely and romantic place. 

entrance of the location, the pathway.
I forgot to take a pictures of those angels (querubin)

during the night they open those light bulbs using those recycled plastic bottle, an environement friendly place.

a cute flower you can take a pictures with your face in the hole of flower sculptures.

most lights I saw in the place are the recycled plastic bottle with designs and different color of lights bulb inside, how creative, right?? It is one of the environment friendly place to visit or have some cup of coffee / tea with your friend, the place also has a coffee shop for the visitors who visit the place.
 lovely bird

It's a big land area that full of different kind of trees, flowers, birds and fruit trees and different function area designs, and a big house with a very unique design each in every floor. We just have limited time thats why I didn't take a pictures of the interior and exterior designs of the mansion. Hope one day I could visit the place again.

ms. M