28 July, 2010

not feeling well and wounds that cause pain

Quite busy, i dont have enough time to stayed long online. Im not feeling well since last week and yesterday while am outside and walking on the way home i feel dizzy and something bad happend to me, i just get back on my senses when i feel the pain on my legs and knees and saw little blood on it and bruises.. so today, im suffering from pain because of the wounds i got.

what happening to me? is it the sign saying that i should stop working and focus only on one thing?? aaarrgghhh...i might abused my health of doing a lot of things and i dont have enough time to rest. so, i need to change everything.

we made gazpacho soup today and ewww..the taste so disgusting.. i really dont like the smell and the taste of it.

Thanks God for everything! I need more strenght and patience..

25 July, 2010


feel so annoyed and frustrated! why there are people who just think about themselves and their own happiness and they dont even think of what could you feel of what they did. arggghhh.. wtf

10 July, 2010

my sweet hello and new job

Hello everyone!

Its morning now but im still awake, just done doing my project (its just one of my projects.) I still have so much projects that needed my attentions. I have new work now coz I was assigned as a secretary, so its another thing that makes my day busy doing some scheds for meetings and other important things. Gossshhh, my dear sir, why oh why? you gave me now a lots of responsibilities.

Finally, I came up on a decision to change my mobile number because my old one didnt worked and the telco didnt fixed it and i cant use it anymore, so, to all my friends who sent me message or trying to call me, try to message me with my other number .. Im sorry, soon i will send you my new mobile no. just quite busy now and dont have much time for other things even checking my mobile. i skip my meal sometimes coz of busy scheds.

to all my friends;
just wait for my sweet hello on your mobile screen. xoxo.

05 July, 2010

projects and other issue

Good Day!

Im quite busy nowadays, i have so much things to do. I need to make a business plan as one of my project. This is the first time that I will make a plan for a big business establishment and i feel kinda nervous. Its a huge project and need some focus on it, everything is on my hand now. Hope I'll make it. It makes my day like a roller coaster ride. And we have a convention this coming September and we're looking for a sponsor, we just wait for the approval to send the letter to those company who is willing to be part of our convention. Hope it ends well.
so, if i will be not around means im busy with a lots of works.

I only have almost 3 months to finish everything, its another stressful months to come and sleepless nights. :) Need to prepare some panadol for headache..lol.
I still have another project proposal to finish..haissttt..

I think I dont have time to enjoy my day due to this projects.

in other news,
I visited my colleauges and manager where i had my training the past months, i was surprised, seems they missed me a lot, my manager hugged me and asked me this questions: "hows everything with u?" "are you okey now?" after a month of not seeing them since i finished my training, i thought they wont recognize me again and they will ignore me. i was wrong coz theyre so nice to me. I feel missin their company, those sad and happy moments that i had with them, ill never forget their kindness and support that i got from them during my training. I had a wonderful days with them and i learned a lot from them and from the people around me during those training days we had. its such one of my bitter sweet journey in life. During my training a lot of things happend to me and they're the one who lift my spirit and help me to cope with the situation.
A lot of things changed now and im still on the process of coping with the situation i have now, its difficult but if you see the good side of what had happend it gives me such fulfillment. I dont want to feel bad because I know everything happens for a reason. If i failed to get what I really wanted thats fine,, i think there is still a good plan for me in the future, just be patience and hope for the best.
I have a lot of things to be thankful for than to feel sad.
Thanks God for everything!