30 March, 2010

feel lazzzzzy, sleepy... after those sleepless weeks

Hey yah! Im not feeling well today, after i got home late last night, bit cold outside, just enjoy the weather last night. I slept all day today, when i woke up i thought it was already morning..lol, then get back to bed woke up past 6pm, after those sleepless weeks. my friend called me at home..haisst..we talked on the fone for almost an hour.. the issues?? well, everything under the skies.

One of my friend want to meet me up tomorrow before she will be leaving this week but I have some important things to attend tomorrow. I will be out of town tomorrow for some important things but i will be back at night time, having busy sched. All of my friends makes my day today, i feel happy and inspired.

Bit tipsy tonight, celebrating the success of our batch, im happy and enjoying life, at last i learned how to enjoy life and be happy but even ive changed i know my limitations. i just changed my life style and routine.

Thanks God for all the blessings and strenght..
happylovely is signing off, feel sleepy now. till next posts. have a blessed weeks everyone! mwaaahhhuuugsss everyone!

you're beautiful no matter what

Beautiful women are those who know th eroad ahead will be strewn with obstacles but they still choose to walk it because it's the right one for them..

Beautiful women are those who makes mistakes, who admit them, learn from that failure and then use that knowledge.

Beautiful women are easily hurt but they still extend their hearts and hands, knowing the risk and accepting the pain when it comes.

Beautiful women are sometimes beat down by life but they still stand back up and step forward again. Beautiful women are afraid. They face the fear and move ahead to the future as uncertain as it can be.

Beautiful women are not those who succeed the first time. They're the ones who fail time and again but still keep trying until they succeed. Beautiful women face the daily trials of life, sometimes with a tear but always with their heads high as the new day dawns.

29 March, 2010

its fullmoon,..what a lovely weather tonight

I went to the church-Palm Sunday, time to be thankful for all the blessing and strenght that God gave to me in everyday that i woke up.
im on diet nowadays, i gain weight, i did not think those things that can ruin my days and can make me feel sad and feel bad, i just enjoy life and the result i gain weight. i feel i had memory gap lol! ahmmm..just changed my life routine and lifestyle thats why its easy for me now to enjoy my life being alone and having lots of responsibilty, life taught me how to be strong and to deal those things that i had in my everyday life. it wasnt easy for me to do it but little by little i did it at last.
life has a lots of surprises and sacrifices, sometimes its hard to face that this is the reality of life that i need to face in everyday that i woke up but i still very thankful bcoz of the blessings that i have in everyday of my bitter sweet life.

im preparing for my ojt this coming months till end of summer, ill be out of here so its another challenge for me on how to deal with different people from different places and races and how to live alone far from the place where im living now, if i think of it i feel its interesting and challenging but ofcourse at the other side i feel kinda different because i dunno what will gonna happen to me when time come that i will be leaving.

i dont have time to have bonding with my friends(dont be confused, have lots of friends and i rank them as group; business, work, university, family,friends of friend, close friend) i was busy this past week and cant join with them after our pool party, the next day i went to the office and bring some important documents and i got home late and really tired so dont have free time to go anywhere, i have a lots of things to be done before the next month.


me and my sis is still awake, shes watching movie,im listening to music while infront of my lappy, i feel inspired tonight, its been a weeks that i didnt make a long posts here. im eating icecream in the middle of the night,tsk.tsk.. how can i lose weight? sis bought two different flavor, milk and cheese and chocolate almond...i just cant resist, its yummy.. :)lol!
just feel good tonight because while im going home tonight the weather is nice, windy and oh! its fullmoon.i feel want to go to the beach and walk along the shore.

Thanks God for all the blessings!

happylovely is signing off! till next post.feel sleepy now.
mwaaahhhhuuugggsss everyone!

23 March, 2010

update later..

listening to music..korean songs.. oh lala.. touching love songs, update later when i get back home..

im in a silent mode..please dont bother..

yay everyone! kinda feel annoyed today.arrrggghhh... not in the mood to make a long posts. just want to have peace of mind and to relax. i will be off for more than a month, im in a silent mode, i will be out for business matters and personal life.. oh no! creamer, i missed you. im craving for cold drinks, chocolate ice cream ahmm all kinds of cold drinks, the weather here is too hot, everytime i went out i feel my skin burnin..ouccchhh...no to cold drinks, i dont want to have cold and cough.. not now, i have some important things to be done and dont want to get sick.


18 March, 2010

just enjoying life for a change

A busy weeks and a happy days for us with our clasmates and professors.
Yey! 2 days more to go before our masquerade party in our Bar and Wine App. Management.. what a busy weeks for us, too much pressure and stressed, just done our hawaiian party today..

CONGRATS GUYS and GALS for the job well done. i love the food, it was a yummy dinner..thanks a lot to all kitchen staff and to the very cool, patient and loving chef of ours.

a full blast skies the limit cocktail drinks,food and hard liqours on saturday. yesterday i felt kinda tipsy..lol..we had wine testing in our department and i tried to taste all of it in one shot,oh lala! i feel i was riding in a roller coaster but still we attend our class..we mixed cocktail drinks, cherry brandy, whisky, vodka, rhum and blue curacao together in one shot..oh my goodness! but we enjoyed mixing cocktail drinks its kinda interesting and challenging to do it. haissstt i learned drinking different kind of liqour because of this Bar Management!. just enjoying my life together with my crazy, naughty classmates..
We love our professor in this subject coz he is very cool, talented and smart guy, im looking forward to see him doing some flairtending.

im tired today, still lots of things to do till saturday preparations for the party. yay! i dont know what to wear on saturday, i dont want to wear cocktail dress, haissstt..but we need to wear cocktail dress!.. thats what our loving dean told us tonight. hmmmm...
need to sleep now..tired. till next posts.

15 March, 2010

what can you say?

I have a professor and I really admired her, she is one of a good professor i ever met, we had a conversation 2 days ago and we end up to the phrase.. her question is kinda interesting, she asked us if woman can live without a man? etc.

my opinion was it depends upon the situation and your choice, some women chose to be single for the rest of their lives and theyre happy and some at young age they want to have their own family. it depends to the person on how she/he deal with the life and the choices she/he made.

nowadays being old maid is not an issues,unlike before that mostly the family (note:here in my country)force their daughter to get married when they reached at age of 2o's but its common situation for some women now to be single, coz they prefer to live alone and enjoy life. yay! better to live life alone and enjoy.

heres the phrase:

Woman without her man is nothing.
i beg to disagree..i have violent reactions..lol. i said its not true, women can live their life without man etc,..hehehe.. but my professor said, lets make the phrase like this:

Woman! without her, man is nothing!

hahaha..ofcourse i dont have any reactions about it,no comment! its all about you guys..lol. even my guys classmates they dont have any violent reactions coz i think they dont analyze the phrase and besides theyre still young to think what is all about and their reactions were delayed,lol.
i really admired men with substance. means smart-intelligent-brainy, rational. 

ms. M

14 March, 2010

sleepless nights..and chocolates addiction

Im having sleepless nights, i have a lots of projects to do..arrggghhh.. do i look like an owl?? lol. my neighbor saw me this morning and told me "Oh you look youre having sleepless nights, you look tired". obviously because last night i slept 3am in the morning, exactly 3:30 am, doin my event planning project, and im not yet done till now. im having hard times doing this projects because there is a lots of things to consider before i will make the whole package set up. oh lala! life, but still i finished my meditation and prayer before i slept.
happy lovely will be the kitchen manager this coming events, yes, im the kitchen manager for our final event in university and now im having difficult times in doing costing control for the menus ingredients. i dont know yet how much the budget for the menus we have, i need to have an idea so that i can make a cost plan if how much we needed for all the things we need in this event, our dean was quite busy this past weeks and she doesnt have enough time to talk to us about the event, so i dont have any ideas for the menus budget, i talked to my Function Manager asking for the set up and style of service but he just gave me the idea of buffet and he gave the menus to me. haisssttt.. im tired thinking about this event project.
I feel okey when i woke up today, i feel im inspired after of late slept last night.. huh! what happened to me? ahmmm..i just want to be positive in everyday that i woke up, because im tired of thinking those things that hurt me and just gave me a wrinkles. its another blessings for me from God and im thankful for the everyday blessings that i recieved, for the strenght, courage and inspiration.
i dont have time to talk to anyone/my friends coz my brain is busy thinking a lots of things. i went home late last night, i dont want to stay at home coz i just feel lonely..i had a short talked with my friend ali last night, he looked so sad..hehehe..hes is tired he said but i know the truth he is missing someone.. hope you will be fine my friend. cheeerrrrsss! just enjoy life!
i feel im a chocoholic this past weeks, i always ate chocolate to release the stress and sadness i feel, to make my adrenalin high and alive i need to eat chocolates everyday so that my brain will function well.
creamer makes my day!.i miss the pepperoni smell and the persian food it reminds me of something. oh lalala! the weather here is too hot.. my goodness rain where are you? i dont really like hot weather gives me backpain and colds. see yah! till next post..im quite busy nowadays. happy lovely will chillin out alone.. miss all of my friends, dont have time to have bonding with them. miss you all guys and gals.. happy lovely just bit busy and hope soon i will have free time to see you all..
mwaaaahhhhuuugggsss everyone..cheeerrrrsss!

12 March, 2010

feel wanna sing and dance.. happy lovely weather..

oh!..la la la.. when i woke up today i feel something stranged happening outside... oh! its raining today..i really love the weather . i really missed this weather after 3 months of sunny hot weather. seems like i want to play outside under the drops of rain, dance and sing..lol. miss those old times with my cousins playing outside every rainy season.
i thought it was still early morning, my clock inside the room is 1 hour late.oh no! what happend to my clock? i woke up bit late coz i still feel sleepy so stayed on the bed for an hour.
Thanks God for the lovely weather and for the blessings and strenght you give to me every single day that i woke up. hope my day will be good.
mwaaaahhhhuuugggssss everyone..

oh! i want a cold watermelon

i love the weather today, windy. stayed home the whole day, dont have class and some scheds that makes my day busy, busy doin some projects, im really tired.8 hours now that im infront of my keyboard..arrrgggghh...have backpain..

i slept this afternoon time coz i feel not okey, when i woke up i feel lonely, the feelings that i really hate, so i force myself to go back to bed and sleep again..lol.. but then again when i woke up i still feel the same feeling. what the heck!..

i talked to one of my friend and she said not at all time we feel happy, its up to us on how we handle the mood that we have in everyday. i agree with her but ofcourse i have some issues that kinda hard to explain thats why i always feel sad and lonely nowadays. im trying my best to be happy,but everytime i stayed home and alone thats the time i feel that loneliness that i really hate to feel. the reason why i want to be busy always to avoid thinking those burdens me. this past months i dont want to stay home coz i just feel bored and lonely. i need to meditate again to feel okey.
im craving for a cold watermelon lol.. i feel want to have cold drinks now. i have sorethroat problem 2 days now, when i woke up this morning i dont have voice, cause of the summer weather,i didnt take medicine coz i took pain reliever medicine for headache, every summer i got sick, im coughing, i have cold and headache it cause of hot weather and sometimes im careless.. as habib said im pain in the ass coz im careless and hardheaded.miss your presence habib..seems like youre too busy.hope youre fine and happy always..
when i checked my fb account i laughed coz one of my classmates post a video taken in our university function room and theyre singing like a boy band.it was a nice video.
thanks God for the blessings and strenght..

11 March, 2010

oh life! happy lovely one

I had a good day today eventhough i feel tired and quite busy in university because of lots of projects for finals, i still feel good, the weather is good today, i thought the rain will visit us but i was wrong..lol. really miss rainy season because i feel im relax everytime i heard the rain pouring on the roof. I wasted my time checking the price of the ingredients that we need next week, just to have an idea of how much were going to spend for it. just finished doing my projects so have time to make a posts, seems like my brain functioning well and im in a good mood to write now.
I feel lonely but its okey, i can manage myself not to feel lonely for the whole day, weeks and months, i used to this kind of life and i used to be alone also so i think nothing new for me if i feel it, its just a normal feeling for me, but sometimes its hard for me to control myself to be emotional everytime i feel lonely. Im just a human being and has a right to cry, laugh, to feel sad and to be happy. This is life and need to face the reality of life, life become complicated if we make it complicated and hard., so i need to relax and be happy lovely one.:)
im listening to music and i remember someone with that song, been a long time that we didnt talked, wondering and thinking and what if?.missing your presence.hope wherever you are now you are fine, in good health and happy.

only acceptance can set you free from any burdens

I was emotional while im talking to my friend today, we had dinner together. I think only acceptance can release me from burdens that i have now, i ve nothing to do with the situation im into now. i feel, i always sad and longing for something that i know it wont happen, just thinking of something that someday will be possibly happen but i doubt it. its hard to answer all the questions that i have now because of sort of issues that until now i didnt find the answer and now im thinking to face the fact that it could be like this for the meantime and i will still wait till im totally find the answer that im searching for a long time. sometimes i hate myself being so kind because some abuse it and it hurts me a lot.
I feel better now and thinking some positive things that can make my life better, i dont want to think those things that can hurt me and make my heart cold as an ice and hard as a stone, because if that happens i know im not the same person that everyone used to know for long time, as much as possible i dont want to change of what i am because it could change my whole life that i know it could affect to some who those love and care for me.
I dont want to pretend that im fine because deep inside of me i feel hurt and sometimes i feel i have hatred in my heart that i always pray to not have it because its really hard to live a happy life if theres something bad deep inside my heart, im thankful to God because i always have strenght to face everything even sometimes i feel im tired thinking all of those things that burdens me and i dont know what to do but still i feel the courage and strenght from God who always make me strong in every trials i encountered and to those people who care. i know sooner or later everything will be fine.Thanks God for making me strong.
life is so complicated and unpredictable.

07 March, 2010


I feel kinda sad today, thinking about something, sometimes i want to escape from the situation that i never expected that I will be in to, im having some hard times dealing with the situations sometimes. its hard to explain but i wish somehow, someday everything will be okey..hope i will still have a strenght to face everything.

new blog site

yey! my new blog site..i make this just to write all of the things that comes on my mind, what i feel, thoughts and craziness i have in my everyday life.