28 July, 2011

some kind of pain

 I am kinda busy today. I went out early in the morning for some important things to do with one of my friend and need to got home before 1:00pm to prepare for our seminar in international wine appreciation. Oh here we are again wine tasting which is I dont like to drink any drink with liqour or even a little percentage of liqour but for today I dont have any choic. Lets party!.

Cheers to Good and Happy Life ahead!

Yes, every pain I have felt I know there's always a beauiful thing behind it even though it has a hurtful reason why it happend I still believe that there are always a good thing ahead of me and I dont' lose hope.

Learning from the past is one of the greatest achievement that anyone could have. What we are now its because of the past that we had exeprience in life. Tough times taught us how to fight and to be strong and most of all to face the world with smile and postive outlook.

I am strong now because once in my life I became weak, each of us has different flaws that we just didn't admit, we fight because we love and value what we are fighting for, sometimes I am fearless because I need to be, I am wiser because I learned a lot from my mistakes and to not let anybody fool me and most of the time I feel sad and lonely so I always try my best to make myself happy.

Because I just love more than anything and everything.

And now I am creating my own destiny alone unlike before that I always think of someone to be part of whatever dreams I have plan.

Theres nothing wrong to look back after those dissappointments, betrayal and pain. When I think of what had happend and look back I will just smile and say I am strong enough that I made it and passed all of it.

I will make sure that in whatever plans I have in the future ill make it a better one than yesterday. I will change for good and for whatever good things that will come into my way, I will just always look for the brightside of life and be positive always and of course be Happy...

ms M

11 July, 2011

Season 74

UAAP was officially open for its 74th season. I wasn't able to watch the opening ceremony, the weather was bad and I feel lazy to go out. It was aired on TV sports live but I forgot to watch it because I am deadly tired and I fall asleep. Good luck to all University players.