16 November, 2011

Its a wonderful day!

Its a wonderful day, its my Birthday!

 I am very thankful for all the blessings, happiness and success in my life, the sadness, pains and trials eventhough I have been into a difficult time of my life that makes my life upside down (like a roller coaster ride) I am still so blessed and I have so many things to be thankful for.

I've been busy the past days and my brain did not functioning well because of too much stress. Thanks to all my friends who send their greetings and wishes, to my family, and to those lovely people who never leave me, been there for me through thick and thin. Thank you so much. I am happy to say that God answered my prayer and that makes me happy again. Hope everything will gonna be fine and I am always hoping for the best.
I am happy and very thankful to God for all the blessings for the wisdom, strenght and for taking care of those people whom I love so much.

Happy Birthday to me!


ms. M

06 November, 2011

thankful, happy and bit sad

I am back again! Before anything else I wanna greet all my muslim friends a Happy Eid!
 I was quite busy the past weeks for my final term in University and so many things happens that makes my world like a roller coaster ride.

Slepless nights was paid off. I couldnt believe that I passed my dissertation paper. I miss my everyday life being a student, to be with my classmates and friends in University. I think this is the hard part of being  a student, last day in university, with classmates, friends and professors, hard to say goodbye but they say this is not the end and goodbyes but a new beggining, another life journey in a real world.


Yes, I am happy for what I achieved but my heart is feeling sad. How I wish you were here so that I can share my happiness and achievements with you but everything has change now and can't get back what we were before...never again. Im just thinking what "if" incase you are still there for me. :(..a heavy heart. but theres a lot of blessing to be thankful for. Because of what you did  I became strong and wiser.
and everything that happens to me...
When I think back of all the trials and hardship I encountered I feel  I am still bless because I had pass all of the hard times that almost I lost everything but thanks to all lovely people who always there for me to make me feel everything will gonna be fine and never leave me alone in a middle of nowhere. Im very thankful really. Thank you so much my precious friends.