07 February, 2014

I am back!


Hi! I’m back after few months of not checking my online diary.It’s nice to be back again here on blog sphere. Seems everything is new for me when I try to open my online diary and decide to write again. I was kind a busy  because of my job. I think I missed a lot of things in blog sphere and of course  I have so many things that I supposed to write lately but I haven’t enough time since I left my country and shift to a country where I am working now. Hope from now on  I will have enough time to update my blog and share my thoughts.  

Oh! how I miss writing. 

12 February, 2013

I am back..

I'm back.. I miss the blogsphere world after of few months not checking my blog site. Hope all's well.  I was kind a busy with my work and the past few months I moved here in UAE, so I don't get a chance to check and do some post due to my work it is hard to get enough time to stay long online but fortunately today I am in good mood and get a chance to say HI.

I got sick recently. I am suffering from colds, cough, headache, and sore throat problem that cause me fever and I lost my appetite also but I still manage myself to go to work, until now I still have cough and colds after a year of not getting sick, I am wondering why some medicine does not effect on me so I decided to do some water therapy and good to know that it has better effect on me especially to my colds and cough.  I am happy having time in front of my lappy. Till here for the meantime.. 

20 July, 2012

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem to all!


ms. M

17 July, 2012

when life gives you a thousand of reasons to smile

Hi everyone! I am glad to be back. I been so busy in the past few months due to my final term in University and for my graduation. I had so many things to finalized before the grand day of our life in University after of few years of studying. 
And here it is I am finally finished my studies few months back, after all of those sleepless nights, researched projects, stress and pressured days, weeks and months and hard work, a lot of hard work, determination, courage and sacrifice but after all it was worth it. 
And I'm working in airline also, so it was kind a hard for me to manage my time and to make some posts and sometimes I am deadly tired and my brain did not function well. I got only few hours to sleep and need to go to work everyday in this industry the work is non stop it's 24/7.
One of my batch mate in university took this:

Recently, I met some of my University batch mates and we hang out together just have some little fun.

We just reminisced the past after of few months, some of them did their training in US, so when they get back in our homeland we see each other and had some little funny moments together.

Just had some few conversation over anything and everything that happens during our life outside university. We had dinner together while enjoying the sunset at the bay side. And watched fireworks display with the rhythm of music, I felt good and I felt I go back to those younger days in my life. I feel it was New Year and we are celebrating another page of our life. I am really happy and my heart felt good.

 It was a romantic day and happy moments for us since we start our university life, we had a get together before but it was just a past time for us but this time it was different.

Our life in University, I would say it was like a roller coaster ride, we have so many ups and down, problems, stressful days and sometimes a misunderstandings to each other but at the end of the day we are still holding on to each other whatever struggles comes along  the way while we are on our journey and passed all of it.

Sometimes there were dark part in our life but we still enjoy life and go with the flow, everyday is a brand new day to face and to learn something new.

Every time I reminisce my life as a student, a classmate to my batch mates, a good students to my professors, and sometimes a stubborn friends and group mate to every projects we had I felt happy that I’ve been part of their life and we learned to each other. If I will get a chance to study again for another degree course I will still choose my batch mates as my co students in a class because they're like a family to me, I treat them as my brother and sister, we had a good and bad times together that makes our bond strong. I really miss them a lot and our life together as one team. Even though sometimes we don’t understand each other due to our different point of views  but still we are there to helped each other. There are so many reason to smile than to frown. I am happy being with them and being part of their life for so many years. We open a new page of our life and enjoy each of every moment of each chapter. And we are still there to each other through thick and thin. We are one of the pioneer Alumni of our batch. I am looking forward to get my ID soon.
Thanks God for all the blessings, for the happiness, the courage, the good health, for the smiles and for taking care of those people i love.

ms. M

27 June, 2012

Oh! Men, what can you say?

I had a conversation recently with the person who tackled this issue with us. A lovely professor that I admired.

I have a professor and I really admired her, she is one of a good professor i ever met, we had a conversation 2 days ago and we end up to the phrase.. her question is kinda interesting, she asked us if woman can live without a man? etc.

my opinion was it depends upon the situation and your choice, some women chose to be single for the rest of their lives and theyre happy and some at young age they want to have their own family. it depends to the person on how she/he deal with the life and the choices she/he made.

nowadays being old maid is not an issues, unlike before most of the family (note:here in my country) force their daughter to get married when they reached at age of 2o's, but its common situation for some women now to be single, coz they prefer to live alone and enjoy life. yay! better to live life alone and enjoy.

heres the phrase:

A Woman without her man is nothing.
i beg to disagree..i have violent reactions..lol. i said its not true, women can live their life without man etc,..hehehe.. but my professor said, lets make the phrase like this:

All Males wrote:

 A Woman, without her man, is nothing!
hahaha..ofcourse i dont have any reactions about it,no comment! its all about you guys..lol. even my guys classmates they dont have any violent reactions coz i think they dont analyze the phrase and besides theyre still young to think what does it mean and their reactions were delayed,lol. at least, they have different reactions and when you sum up all of it,  they stand for what they believe in and they won the debate session..
i really admired men with substance. means smart-intelligent-brainy, rational. 

All Females response:

A Woman: without her, man is nothing!

well, Punctuation is Powerful...

ms. M

15 April, 2012

from Texas with Love!

Its belated Happy Easter!

Another late post due to my busy schedule at work and I was not feeling well the past days and I wasn't in the mood to do some post.

here we goes  the colorful eggs for the easter breakfast buffet.

i love blue..

kids would loved this

some yellow

the oven is waiting..

My holy week wasn't the same as last year, this year I was kind a busy at work and I just do my ritual pray when I got home from work, unlike before I visit church and pray. I can't imagine that this year it will change, everything changed but Im very thankful for all the blessings that I have received even though Ive been through many struggles in life. I am hoping that this year and the coming year everything will be okay. At least now I am quite fine than last year. I was torn between sadness and suffering that I couldn't imagine I learned how to handle the situation and cope with the hard times.

I am proud to say that I made it.

Thanks to all my friends who always there to cheer me and never leave me in my days of sadness and happiness, they are the people who brings out the best of me, I know whos friends I will keep for lifetime and  to those people who just pretending they're friends but the truth they're not, I am still thankful because I've learned whom to trust and whom not to trust. It just taught me how be strong and be the best that I can be!

ms. M