29 October, 2010

far away

The sheets are cold without you.
My hands have nothing to hold onto
when I feel as if I may fall
I'm slipping away..
Not wanting to stay awake but dream...
Memories of us still linger in the air
making it almost impossible to breathe

To dream of you as if it were yesterday into the past
warms the coldest space between my memories I don't want to lose those.
They are all I have to keep me breathing
Somewhere out there you are finding it hard to breathe also

To gaze upon something that reminds you of me
And me of you
But the empty space around me keeps me thinking of you
Wanting for you to fill it up

Painful tears cut through my existence
Through this space and straight into my heart
Souls that are not whole
lay inside us waiting to be revived

With your touch you can heat my frozen body
With your kiss you can bring my soul to life
With your hands you can hold me up
With your eyes you can make me see

We are one but apart we are only half
Not complete...Unfinished...Waiting
I hunger for you..without you I will starve
Save me!..Come home!

nice words, ilove it..:)


I feel sad tonight, thats the reason why I posted this.I just like the words. I don't know why I feel this way, it's really strange feeling being sad and lonely. I am starting to reminisce again, the past, the happy moments, the pains and the tears that i always shed all the time...ouch!.. be happy :) just missing someone who made me strong to face the reality of life..

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