30 September, 2010

the past..

Its a brand new month..hello October and goodbye September. i remember those september memories,memories that marks on me and changed my life.im stronger now than before and more matured. just reminiscing the past.:)

26 September, 2010

i need inspiration and some rest to recharge

i need some inspiration and medicine for the stressed. :(

I feel exhausted nowadays. Its hard for me to cope with the hectic sched i have now. If this garden what you can see around in your hommie every morning when you wake up, i think, everyday is a refreshing day, no worries waiting ahead of you and its really inspiring. yes, i feel not good this week and really my life has full of stressed. I need to feel okey but how?argghhh, whatta life i have now? too much stressed, annoying people around, people who give me those non stop stress and I still have lots of things that need some attention. I need some more strenght, courage and patience. im pissed off.. This is the first time i feel this way and i think its really to much and i cant take it anymore.. i really need some rest to relax my mind and to recharge.

22 September, 2010

discovering the hidden paradise of the south










I discovered this place recently through one of my friend, i feel kinda curious about it and i start asking my friend about the place and how it look like and how to get there if you wanna visit the place.seems like im outdated of what happening in this province where i live since birth. oh, just noticed how time fly so fast, its been almost 1o years now that i live in the city and i visited province once in a blue moon only, the last time i visit my mom place was 2 or 3 years ago and i never heard about this place from a friend when i was there, recently while watching tv i saw those advertisement about the place, and yes its a beautiful place, a hidden paradise that amaze me, a counterpart of boracay island in the south, to those who want to visit the place i recommend this one. such a lovely place to relax, far away from the noisy, busy and stressful city.

20 September, 2010

sleepless nights >>> catch some zzzzz's..

So many people deprive themselves of sleep by staying up too late to finish today and getting up too early to get a jump start on tomorrow. Even though its nice to feel like youve packed as much as possible into your precious 24 hours, it is important to remember that not getting enought zzzzzz's can make the day a lot less productive and a lot more grumpy.
Never underestimate the importance of sleep. it is energy for your day, fuel for your fire and an essential cool down for your over exercised brain. After a long busy day, sinking into a warm, comfy bed can be the greatest pleasure in the world. No matter how intense life gets, making time to get a good nights sleep should never stop drop to the bottom of your list.


i really need some zzzz's due to my hectic scheds nowadays, i only have 4 -5 hours of sleep that makes me feel oh no, in the next morning, i feel lazy to get up the next mornin.. how i wishhhh... wake me up when september ends..lol. there's a lot of things to be thankful for, so stop complaining. Thanks God for everything!

at the bed


nice ambiance, the combi of lights are nice also.

19 September, 2010


Goodmornight!.. an overnight stay in univ suite..

press the button first, before you enter... lol

who wants to sleep in here???
whatttttaaaaa a messy room, karrot! dont mind that mess, sombody will clean that later on.

wheres the?? ahmmm...

goodmornight , a very tiring day.

a night before the competition..

16 September, 2010