25 October, 2010

you dont need a man to dance with you..

Pole dancing...
It is a form of performing art.. a combination of dancing and gymnastics.. with increased awareness of the benefits to general strenght and fitness.

a similar pole (chinese pole) is used in cabaret / circus and stage performance in  a non erotic environment, which is the style and moves are very different.

Advance pole dancing requires significant strenght, flexibilty and endurance. This form of exercise increased core and general body strenght by using the body itself as resistance while toning the body as a whole..

Pole dancing, which a single dancer performs sensual, graceful and acrobatic moves using a floor to ceiling metal pole as a support. In the past decade pole dancing has steadily gained acceptance as a form of exercise and personal expression and more recently as a form of competitive acrobratic dance, traditionally been performed by women with the move out of strip clubs and into gyms plus an increased emphasis on strength.

Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognized form of exercise and can be used as both aerobic and anaerobic workout.

Get Fit and feel Sexy,
all you need to have is a metal pole and a determination to learn this kind of exercise..

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farah acedo said...

uhooh..i think it can be fun doing this kind of exercise!