22 December, 2010

the reality of life

The promise of a new life
beams like the sun rising o'er the East--
Bright, vibrant, illuminating, warm.
The light you are destined to bring to this world
has already brightened all our lives--
as it is sure to spread to every corner of this land.
Yet, even as shadow recedes as noon approaches there
is always somewhere not warmed by the light--
how unfortunate these spaces would be if not lighted
by you--the warmest radiance of all.

And, as it is that we cannot but glimpse the brightness

And though we cannot know what bright future
destiny holds for you,
we can all imagine, dream, ponder.
Yet, in the end you will choose on what celestial path
you wish to wander.
And, such as the stars arise from the collection
of matter to one venue,
So will your life be made from what you gather
from those around you.
Thus, though the path you choose will be your own,
the journey of your life will never be yours alone.

of our solar friend without fear of blindness,
neither can we gaze into your brilliance to see
what so many tomorrows will bring.
But the promise of discovery makes every moment elapsed
an eternity of possibilities.

From now on everything will change and I will make sure that whatever decision I made I will be happy for it. Its time to say enough to feel sad and feel pity sometimes. Life is full of uncertain things that we didn't control, this is the reality of life, face it, understand it and learn how to accpet things that has changed and the situation that put my life in a roller coaster ride. Moved on to the next level and make most out of it..like theres no tomorrow and laugh like nobody's watching..

If I learned one thing of what happend was I became more strong and indpendent and as time goes by I gain a lot of wisdom. A courage that never put me down everytime I'm feeling down and a strenght that always lift me up during those hardest time. Nobody knows what I am going through in my life now, its really hard but I know I can handle whatever it is.

Thank you God for all the Blessings, courage, strenght, wisdom and a good health that you gave to me and for taking care of those people i love.

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