08 November, 2010

bye for now..

cant posts anything for now... due to personal issues

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khaleejia said...

hi dear! ur message made me worry somehow abt u.i don't know u but it doesn't mean i can't understand your feelings. i just want 2 write u this supportive words to encourage you believe in the best. and be optimistic. as u know scientists have proved that optimists live longer and happier life then realists and pessimists.)) so enjoy of each moment of life! may be this step to understand yourself better!to enjoy difficulties is not easy but it can be pleased with the result and that unique condition that you only can feel now(whatever it is-happiness,love, disaster, sorry, joy, anger etc). even may be shaytan is playing with u but say-ma sha'a Allahu kan w ma lam ya sha'a lam yakun that means-what God wants that happens and what God doesn't want doesn't happen. everything for reason so be quiet and calm whatever around u. until u make a sin that really need to do tauba.that is only matter to get worry,ok? have a nice day/night.
everything will be as it should be.just don't worry for anything.and than you ll get happiness!bye