02 November, 2010

amazing showpieces

Here is the continuation part of my posts yesterday.
The universities, colleges and culinary school nationwide joined in this contest. They showcase their talent in doing some amazing showpieces.

and you guess what is this??

ahmmm.. would you believe that this showpieces are breads with different designs?
yes, you heard it right, thats all breads with different designs.

very insteresting bread, i was wondering about the story behind this bread..

little house bread

masterpieces, seems like i wanna keep this bread it's so beautiful bread to eat..lol. thumbs up to the person who made this one.. lovely

cute one.. ..
see, the eiffel tower design bread at the back.. nice one

bread castle..nice

this is how creative the students when it comes to showcase their talent in doing some showpieces.. in this contest its not important to get the grand price, the important things is you express your creativeness and you show the talent that every students has to offer. After the contest win or lose, still its worth all the perseverance and time that all the students spent for this contest just to show their talents.

Im happy and proud being student and part of this department even though sometimes its boring but during those recognition everything was paid off. i love learning and learning, as i remember the words of my professor in philosophy before, he said as  long as we are alive and we are breathing on this earth we should'nt stop learning..learning is the only way of expressing our hidden talent and to gain more knowldge, a knowledge that nobody could steal from you being a person.

oppsss.. still have lots to posts..the continuation.

ms. M

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