26 April, 2010

my sleeping habbit and random issues

Whatta lazy Sunday! one of my close friend called me many times today, so i woke up early just to answer her calls, shes preparing going to work but me, im still on the bed, sleeping..lol, but after we talked i'll go back to bed and sleep again, usually i woke up late during weekend especially if i dont have some important things to do,usually i woke up at 1pm or 3pm, no breakfast and lunch.. i feel lazy today and exhausted, so i stay on the bed all day, my friends missing me a lot, and today i recieved messages and calls from them.. miss them and our bonding together. i planned to go to moa this afternoon, but i fall asleep and woke up 7pm its too late to go out, so i stay home. my sister and i has a sleeping habbit, most of our free time we spent it on sleeping after those stressful days. we love sleeping!..

chubs (my chubby classmate, thats what i called him), sent us a thread message on fb, saying that he just arrived from boracay, thanks chubs for remembering us. hope to see you guys soon on our duties at work.

yesterday,i spent most of my time talking to my mentor, we had a long hours of conversation, we talked a lot of important things, for the improvement.so, this is it, really is it...hope everything would turned out okey.
I planned for a new adventure by next month, wanna visit the malboro country of the south, really, its a lovely place to visit and explore. hope to get a vacation.hoping and wishing.
Thanks God for all the blessings!..

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