22 April, 2010

patiently waiting for the summer hot weather end

yey! i already had talked to my dermatologist and she said she still have the solution that im looking..made me happy, yahoo!.. coz if happened my doctor dont have that product i need to buy it online, its available only in singapore,vietnam, europe and mideast country but here they pulled out already in the market, so sad, maybe hospital doctors dont used it nowadays.


im bit busy, lots of things to be done and thinking my new job, hoping that everything will be turned out okey.hope i'll assigned also in the head office..lol! im always in a silent mode nowadays and dont stayed long online due to some important things. and still summer here, 1 month more to go and summer is over, a little patient to the summer hot weather..ewww.. im counting the days.hehehe. time passing too quickly, seems like i dont want to get old and my age would stuck on the same digit so that i dont have to worry about. i dont have that much adventures nowadays because the heat of the sun burnin my skin, so stay out of the sunny weather, no more beaches and other activities outside.

i miss my university life, i miss my everyday life being a student, i miss all of my naughty classmates and those times that were together in a class. i missed their presence, everytime i feel sad theyre the one who make me laughed. i love my life being a student eventhough sometimes we're on ahot seat and having some difficulties in our subjects in class but still we're all happy and enjoying life. miss you guys and gals! mwaaahhuuugss!

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