03 April, 2010

vacation is almost over..

Hey yah! we celebrated the holy week. the vacation is almost over, back to normal life again, busy scheds. how time flies.. its month of april now and thinking for a vacation out of country but still dont have free time to travel, how sad. every summer i travelled to bkk and i think this is the first summer that i cant travel because of some important things to do here, i cant cancelled all of the appointments i have coz i already signed the contract.

gonna miss the songkran festival, month of April they celebrate the songkran festival (Thai Traditional New Year), i remember last april when i was in bkk,people bring a bucket of water and watergun, 2 days that i was afraid to get out of the hotel room to roamed around the city because i dont want to get wet..no...no.. no..way.. you can't complained coz its a tradition so better to stay inside the hotel, every night i stayed at the hotel resto and having some chitchat with my friend who's working there till mid of the night. hope before the summer end i'll get a vacation. my friend keep on asking me when im gonna visit bkk again..haisssttt..they just make me feel sad everytime i heard that words from them..

Im happy now and i dont have any burdens that makes me feel sad, im contented with what i have in my life, im happy and i dont have any bitterness now. i enjoy and live my life to the fullest. soon ill post all of my latest adventures and the pics..


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