07 April, 2010

epidural, bad hot weather, messages from people who care and fb issues that makes my day

Its been a long day.I still have a mild headache but I still feel exhausted, the hot weather really makes me feel not good, yesterday i had medical check-up, the assigned doctor were very nice, still not yet done coz im on a "red flag" lol. so i need to go back next week to see the doctor again..hmm..im afraid of injection, this is one of my fear, it makes me shiver and sometimes makes me cry. :( before i dont have fear in needle syringe injection, it was started when i undergone an operation 4 years ago, its called epidural steroid injection(general anesthesia), the anesthesiologist injected to my backbone and it was a big needle and oh lala it was very painful, i cant explain the pain..it was really an ouchhh, ouchh,ouchh painful:(.they cant put it on the dextrose cause im sick that time and it can cause some problem to my body that could cause to death,it was more than a week that i feel the pain. Thanks to my bestfriend star coz shes the one who took care of me that time. i miss her a lot its almost a year now that i didnt see her, and its almost a month now that we didnt talk, were both busy nowadays, lots of business matter to attend to. hope one of this days i'll have free time to travel outside the country to visit her.

It was a worst weather yesterday, i was outside and damn the weather was too hot and i feel im inside the oven,lol, and i feel my skin burnin and my cheeks was like an apple color, when i got home i feel so tired and sleepy, i took a shower then i sleep and i woke up late for dinner and then go back to bed and sleep again..lol! i was tired yesterday and the only thing i want to do is to sleep. Today my sis told me i look so haggard. yes i am coz the weather really gives me such bad feeling. I really dont like summer, even my friends love it coz its a time to go to the beach and have some fun but me i really dont like it..wheeeww.. i'd rather stay inside the room than to have fun under the sun. who cares! this is me and nobody can change me for being so killjoy during this season.

It was an overwhelming feeling that my classmates message me and asking my whereabouts and they told me what theyre doin this summer season and they missed me a lot. i feel wanna cry..lol! am i sounds dramatic. i missed also those old days with them that sometimes makes me feel annoyed coz theyre very naughty and sometimes they bother me a lot because of projects and reports that we need to give to our professor and they want to borrow my notes. miss you guys and gals!..:)

I was feel kinda huh! and raise my eyebrows, everytime i open my fb account a lots of dramatic personal posts i read.. haisssttt.. i was wondering, why you need to posts your personal issues towards your partner and other people on fb?,mostly i read was about problem in their relationship, break ups, their feelings towards that specific person and other nonsense issues, and what makes me feel annoyed is when they post it on my on fb wall or they tag it on my fb, if one of my friend list do it most of the time i put them hide on in my wall even they posts i cant see their post or the worst thing i did is i deleted them on my list. its okey to post what you feel but not to the extent that your personal issues with your partner you posts it also, as anyone could read it. i think personal issues should keep as private matter between the people who's only involved with it and not to posts it and let your other friends/people knew whats going on between you and that person. yay life! thats all for now..

mwaahhhhuugggsss!.:) chhheeeerrrrssss..:-*

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