13 April, 2010

vacation is over and want some major make over

Haisst feel kinda annoyed today, because all of the songs uploaded in my media player got problem..tsk..tsk.. tat made my day, my goodness. i need to fix it and it takes time. just feel bit okey from headache that ruined my everyday routine. Im not happy of what happening nowadays, seems like i want a total makeover to change my environment and my mood. i feel sad this past days.

got a reply message from habib, thanks for the response. dont worry i understand you.i was just wondering why i dont receive any reply and makes me feel awkward and sad bcoz of some reasons, i wont elaborate it here coz its kinda personal but its okey atleast you inform me that youre fine, so i will not worry that much. as long as you're happy, i will be happy for you also.i missed your presence.:)

i planned to go to the saloon to cut my long hair, but my boss told me not to cut it and instead told me to buy an electric roller curler, huh! what happened to boss??lol!, its for a change??. huh, gossshhh.. not in my wildest dream to make my long hair curly, no way.. still plan to cut it by end of this month, we will see what will be the outcome and how do i look?

still the weather here is too hot, haissst rain where are you??lol. my vacation is over and back to reality, stressful and busy days, i already have my scheds. hope to have a free time to make a posts.

Thanks God for all the strenght and courage.. mwaahhhuuggsss everyone! :-*

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