14 April, 2010

how i wish that i could tell you and wishing to have a time machine - thinking about the feeling

Im feeling not good this past days, in short i feel sad, i just comfort myself in listening to music and think those happy things that can change my bad mood. it makes me feel sad everyday, sometimes i dont want to think of it coz its just make me feel sad and lonely and arrrggghhh im going to have some wrinkles because of it. I just hoping, wishing and hoping and wishing.

I talked to one of my friend and she is really a bubbly person and she didnt change, she makes me happy for a minute.. haissstt thanks to her. As much as possible i dont want to feel sad and lonely coz its affects me a lot and makes my life like a roller coaster. I cried because of sort of things i have now. How i wish i have a time machine so that i could get back the time that i felt everything were fine and i dont feel sad, the time that i felt the happiness because of someone who brighten my gloomy days but everything was changed now and that makes me wonder. whatever it was still ill become emotional everytime i think and remember about it.

mwahhuuggsss everyone:)

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