12 April, 2010

have a blessed week everyone

I have severe headache (migraine) so i dont stayed long online coz it makes me feel dizzy, just feel bit okey today. Im going to start my new work this week, another busy weeks and stress. I had a short conversation with my cousin frend a day ago, its been long time that we dont have any communication, i think almost 2 years. we talked about the subjects in class and what we had in our everyday life, this person was one of my online tutor 3 years ago with my math subjects in class, im a slow learner when it comes to number figures so need some help from the expert who love number figures, but now i dont have any problem when it comes to number figures coz since then everytime i have this kind of class subject i focused on it so its easy for me to learned the lectures.

Nothing serious happened this past weeks, i feel kinda bored.lol. I recieved an invitation from one of my batchmate for her birthday party but i refuse to come, im not in a mood to attend a party since i have a lots of things to prepare for my work so need to do some important things first.

I have a schedule tomorrow for my medical check up, hope everything will be okey. have a blessed week everyone! till the next post..

mwaahhhhhhuuugggsss everyone!

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