18 April, 2010

our good friendship - and my skin derma issues.

I feel bored, lazy today..lol!. i attend mass and visit my dermatologist but she was not around today because of she has an important things to attend (thats what her sec. told me) just want to consult for something and ask for a new solution products coz the products i used is now out of the market since last january, how i wish i bought 3 doz. of it. it makes me feel worried a little bit coz that product is very important to me, or else im gonna undergo a - quick bleaching for every 2 weeks which is quite expensive or laser treatment. :(. well, dont lose hope, still hoping for the best.


yey! while roaming around and thinking a lot of things i saw my friend ali. what a small world after more than month of not sending him sms and talking to him, we talked for an hour and its nice talking to him again,i miss his company and the way he laughed at things and every issues we talked about, and somebody send him a crazy message and he let me read it,all i can say about it was a cheap message from a cheap lady out there that makes us laugh together, i always pray that soon he'll find someone who will be his partner in life forever coz he is nice man and i know he deserve the best and a good woman, a partner who will accept him as he is and who will taking care of him, being one of his good friend ofcourse i always wish him all the best things coz been long he's alone and only his little princess is with him and she is not a kid anymore. hmm.ssshhh.. seems like hes dating someone but he still remember someone from the past, i missed also his ex gf, since she left she doesnt even call us and we didnt know what happend to her.
and he felt bad to me coz i didnt invite him when i went on vacation and travelled, he want to join with me he said, this is our frendship is all about, were like just brother and sister, we can talk any topic that we want to talked about, even its all about his personal relationship issues with someone or all about me and my personal life. im very thankful coz i met him and he became one of my good friend that i'll treasure. thanks for the good friendship my friend.

just inspired and feel okey, i feel im free of any burdens and stress. thanks to all my friends who always makes me happy and inspired me.

Thanks God for all the blessings, courage, strenght and happiness.

Have a blessed week everyone! mwaahhhuugggsss

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