12 March, 2010

feel wanna sing and dance.. happy lovely weather..

oh!..la la la.. when i woke up today i feel something stranged happening outside... oh! its raining today..i really love the weather . i really missed this weather after 3 months of sunny hot weather. seems like i want to play outside under the drops of rain, dance and sing..lol. miss those old times with my cousins playing outside every rainy season.
i thought it was still early morning, my clock inside the room is 1 hour late.oh no! what happend to my clock? i woke up bit late coz i still feel sleepy so stayed on the bed for an hour.
Thanks God for the lovely weather and for the blessings and strenght you give to me every single day that i woke up. hope my day will be good.
mwaaaahhhhuuugggssss everyone..

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