14 March, 2010

sleepless nights..and chocolates addiction

Im having sleepless nights, i have a lots of projects to do..arrggghhh.. do i look like an owl?? lol. my neighbor saw me this morning and told me "Oh you look youre having sleepless nights, you look tired". obviously because last night i slept 3am in the morning, exactly 3:30 am, doin my event planning project, and im not yet done till now. im having hard times doing this projects because there is a lots of things to consider before i will make the whole package set up. oh lala! life, but still i finished my meditation and prayer before i slept.
happy lovely will be the kitchen manager this coming events, yes, im the kitchen manager for our final event in university and now im having difficult times in doing costing control for the menus ingredients. i dont know yet how much the budget for the menus we have, i need to have an idea so that i can make a cost plan if how much we needed for all the things we need in this event, our dean was quite busy this past weeks and she doesnt have enough time to talk to us about the event, so i dont have any ideas for the menus budget, i talked to my Function Manager asking for the set up and style of service but he just gave me the idea of buffet and he gave the menus to me. haisssttt.. im tired thinking about this event project.
I feel okey when i woke up today, i feel im inspired after of late slept last night.. huh! what happened to me? ahmmm..i just want to be positive in everyday that i woke up, because im tired of thinking those things that hurt me and just gave me a wrinkles. its another blessings for me from God and im thankful for the everyday blessings that i recieved, for the strenght, courage and inspiration.
i dont have time to talk to anyone/my friends coz my brain is busy thinking a lots of things. i went home late last night, i dont want to stay at home coz i just feel lonely..i had a short talked with my friend ali last night, he looked so sad..hehehe..hes is tired he said but i know the truth he is missing someone.. hope you will be fine my friend. cheeerrrrsss! just enjoy life!
i feel im a chocoholic this past weeks, i always ate chocolate to release the stress and sadness i feel, to make my adrenalin high and alive i need to eat chocolates everyday so that my brain will function well.
creamer makes my day!.i miss the pepperoni smell and the persian food it reminds me of something. oh lalala! the weather here is too hot.. my goodness rain where are you? i dont really like hot weather gives me backpain and colds. see yah! till next post..im quite busy nowadays. happy lovely will chillin out alone.. miss all of my friends, dont have time to have bonding with them. miss you all guys and gals.. happy lovely just bit busy and hope soon i will have free time to see you all..
mwaaaahhhhuuugggsss everyone..cheeerrrrsss!

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