12 March, 2010

oh! i want a cold watermelon

i love the weather today, windy. stayed home the whole day, dont have class and some scheds that makes my day busy, busy doin some projects, im really tired.8 hours now that im infront of my keyboard..arrrgggghh...have backpain..

i slept this afternoon time coz i feel not okey, when i woke up i feel lonely, the feelings that i really hate, so i force myself to go back to bed and sleep again..lol.. but then again when i woke up i still feel the same feeling. what the heck!..

i talked to one of my friend and she said not at all time we feel happy, its up to us on how we handle the mood that we have in everyday. i agree with her but ofcourse i have some issues that kinda hard to explain thats why i always feel sad and lonely nowadays. im trying my best to be happy,but everytime i stayed home and alone thats the time i feel that loneliness that i really hate to feel. the reason why i want to be busy always to avoid thinking those burdens me. this past months i dont want to stay home coz i just feel bored and lonely. i need to meditate again to feel okey.
im craving for a cold watermelon lol.. i feel want to have cold drinks now. i have sorethroat problem 2 days now, when i woke up this morning i dont have voice, cause of the summer weather,i didnt take medicine coz i took pain reliever medicine for headache, every summer i got sick, im coughing, i have cold and headache it cause of hot weather and sometimes im careless.. as habib said im pain in the ass coz im careless and hardheaded.miss your presence habib..seems like youre too busy.hope youre fine and happy always..
when i checked my fb account i laughed coz one of my classmates post a video taken in our university function room and theyre singing like a boy band.it was a nice video.
thanks God for the blessings and strenght..

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