18 March, 2010

just enjoying life for a change

A busy weeks and a happy days for us with our clasmates and professors.
Yey! 2 days more to go before our masquerade party in our Bar and Wine App. Management.. what a busy weeks for us, too much pressure and stressed, just done our hawaiian party today..

CONGRATS GUYS and GALS for the job well done. i love the food, it was a yummy dinner..thanks a lot to all kitchen staff and to the very cool, patient and loving chef of ours.

a full blast skies the limit cocktail drinks,food and hard liqours on saturday. yesterday i felt kinda tipsy..lol..we had wine testing in our department and i tried to taste all of it in one shot,oh lala! i feel i was riding in a roller coaster but still we attend our class..we mixed cocktail drinks, cherry brandy, whisky, vodka, rhum and blue curacao together in one shot..oh my goodness! but we enjoyed mixing cocktail drinks its kinda interesting and challenging to do it. haissstt i learned drinking different kind of liqour because of this Bar Management!. just enjoying my life together with my crazy, naughty classmates..
We love our professor in this subject coz he is very cool, talented and smart guy, im looking forward to see him doing some flairtending.

im tired today, still lots of things to do till saturday preparations for the party. yay! i dont know what to wear on saturday, i dont want to wear cocktail dress, haissstt..but we need to wear cocktail dress!.. thats what our loving dean told us tonight. hmmmm...
need to sleep now..tired. till next posts.

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