30 March, 2010

feel lazzzzzy, sleepy... after those sleepless weeks

Hey yah! Im not feeling well today, after i got home late last night, bit cold outside, just enjoy the weather last night. I slept all day today, when i woke up i thought it was already morning..lol, then get back to bed woke up past 6pm, after those sleepless weeks. my friend called me at home..haisst..we talked on the fone for almost an hour.. the issues?? well, everything under the skies.

One of my friend want to meet me up tomorrow before she will be leaving this week but I have some important things to attend tomorrow. I will be out of town tomorrow for some important things but i will be back at night time, having busy sched. All of my friends makes my day today, i feel happy and inspired.

Bit tipsy tonight, celebrating the success of our batch, im happy and enjoying life, at last i learned how to enjoy life and be happy but even ive changed i know my limitations. i just changed my life style and routine.

Thanks God for all the blessings and strenght..
happylovely is signing off, feel sleepy now. till next posts. have a blessed weeks everyone! mwaaahhhuuugsss everyone!

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