11 March, 2010

oh life! happy lovely one

I had a good day today eventhough i feel tired and quite busy in university because of lots of projects for finals, i still feel good, the weather is good today, i thought the rain will visit us but i was wrong..lol. really miss rainy season because i feel im relax everytime i heard the rain pouring on the roof. I wasted my time checking the price of the ingredients that we need next week, just to have an idea of how much were going to spend for it. just finished doing my projects so have time to make a posts, seems like my brain functioning well and im in a good mood to write now.
I feel lonely but its okey, i can manage myself not to feel lonely for the whole day, weeks and months, i used to this kind of life and i used to be alone also so i think nothing new for me if i feel it, its just a normal feeling for me, but sometimes its hard for me to control myself to be emotional everytime i feel lonely. Im just a human being and has a right to cry, laugh, to feel sad and to be happy. This is life and need to face the reality of life, life become complicated if we make it complicated and hard., so i need to relax and be happy lovely one.:)
im listening to music and i remember someone with that song, been a long time that we didnt talked, wondering and thinking and what if?.missing your presence.hope wherever you are now you are fine, in good health and happy.

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