15 March, 2010

what can you say?

I have a professor and I really admired her, she is one of a good professor i ever met, we had a conversation 2 days ago and we end up to the phrase.. her question is kinda interesting, she asked us if woman can live without a man? etc.

my opinion was it depends upon the situation and your choice, some women chose to be single for the rest of their lives and theyre happy and some at young age they want to have their own family. it depends to the person on how she/he deal with the life and the choices she/he made.

nowadays being old maid is not an issues,unlike before that mostly the family (note:here in my country)force their daughter to get married when they reached at age of 2o's but its common situation for some women now to be single, coz they prefer to live alone and enjoy life. yay! better to live life alone and enjoy.

heres the phrase:

Woman without her man is nothing.
i beg to disagree..i have violent reactions..lol. i said its not true, women can live their life without man etc,..hehehe.. but my professor said, lets make the phrase like this:

Woman! without her, man is nothing!

hahaha..ofcourse i dont have any reactions about it,no comment! its all about you guys..lol. even my guys classmates they dont have any violent reactions coz i think they dont analyze the phrase and besides theyre still young to think what is all about and their reactions were delayed,lol.
i really admired men with substance. means smart-intelligent-brainy, rational. 

ms. M

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