29 March, 2010

its fullmoon,..what a lovely weather tonight

I went to the church-Palm Sunday, time to be thankful for all the blessing and strenght that God gave to me in everyday that i woke up.
im on diet nowadays, i gain weight, i did not think those things that can ruin my days and can make me feel sad and feel bad, i just enjoy life and the result i gain weight. i feel i had memory gap lol! ahmmm..just changed my life routine and lifestyle thats why its easy for me now to enjoy my life being alone and having lots of responsibilty, life taught me how to be strong and to deal those things that i had in my everyday life. it wasnt easy for me to do it but little by little i did it at last.
life has a lots of surprises and sacrifices, sometimes its hard to face that this is the reality of life that i need to face in everyday that i woke up but i still very thankful bcoz of the blessings that i have in everyday of my bitter sweet life.

im preparing for my ojt this coming months till end of summer, ill be out of here so its another challenge for me on how to deal with different people from different places and races and how to live alone far from the place where im living now, if i think of it i feel its interesting and challenging but ofcourse at the other side i feel kinda different because i dunno what will gonna happen to me when time come that i will be leaving.

i dont have time to have bonding with my friends(dont be confused, have lots of friends and i rank them as group; business, work, university, family,friends of friend, close friend) i was busy this past week and cant join with them after our pool party, the next day i went to the office and bring some important documents and i got home late and really tired so dont have free time to go anywhere, i have a lots of things to be done before the next month.


me and my sis is still awake, shes watching movie,im listening to music while infront of my lappy, i feel inspired tonight, its been a weeks that i didnt make a long posts here. im eating icecream in the middle of the night,tsk.tsk.. how can i lose weight? sis bought two different flavor, milk and cheese and chocolate almond...i just cant resist, its yummy.. :)lol!
just feel good tonight because while im going home tonight the weather is nice, windy and oh! its fullmoon.i feel want to go to the beach and walk along the shore.

Thanks God for all the blessings!

happylovely is signing off! till next post.feel sleepy now.
mwaaahhhhuuugggsss everyone!

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