22 April, 2011

explore and fulfillment

What's all about??

I want to visit, to do and to have...

Welcome to santorini..

The place where I want to visit.

It's a lovely and romantic place and I really want to visit this place one of this days and explore santorini in greece..

I want to visit this place and attend mass even once.

Royal Carribean cruise line.. well, I want to experience cruise line travellin, as some of my friend working in a cruiseline and they told me its nice to try it, it also has complete facilities and amenities inside, from bar, resto, pool, casino and etc and you can do whatever you want to enjoy your stay inside the cruise ship. hmmm... wanna try once.

I love seeing a someone who knows how to do ballet dancing. I know this will be hard for me to learn because I dont know how to dance, lol. This is one of my weaknesses. I don't know why I never ever tried to learn on how to dance,yay! poor me.. When I was in elementary level I do love dancing, I joined in our school activities that time but when I reached in secondary level I stopped because I feel shy till now. :)

I want to learn scuba diving, I think its nice to see under sea creatures, hope one of this day.

And lastly, ofcourse being a woman to have a baby is a dream and fulfillment. And this is one of my greatest dream and to feel the feeling of having a baby. A greatest fulfillment that every woman dream to have.

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