05 April, 2011

LOVE Sculpture

We went to this place for our final project. When I first heard the place where we are going to do our interview I don't feel any excitement, I thought it was just a simple location and nothing inside the location area and I feel annoyed also because the wather was like summer already and the location was so far from the city where I am living, and we need to take a long hours ride to get there. But when we arrived to the location I was really amazed with the place, its cozy inside and there are a lots of function area to chose and the place is very romantic and peaceful.

and I really like this love sculpture.
I feel I was in paradise when I entered the location, it's a lovely and romantic place. 

entrance of the location, the pathway.
I forgot to take a pictures of those angels (querubin)

during the night they open those light bulbs using those recycled plastic bottle, an environement friendly place.

a cute flower you can take a pictures with your face in the hole of flower sculptures.

most lights I saw in the place are the recycled plastic bottle with designs and different color of lights bulb inside, how creative, right?? It is one of the environment friendly place to visit or have some cup of coffee / tea with your friend, the place also has a coffee shop for the visitors who visit the place.
 lovely bird

It's a big land area that full of different kind of trees, flowers, birds and fruit trees and different function area designs, and a big house with a very unique design each in every floor. We just have limited time thats why I didn't take a pictures of the interior and exterior designs of the mansion. Hope one day I could visit the place again.

ms. M

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