12 April, 2011

well done and Thank you Lord

Another achievement I've done and I feel happy. I feel happy because all of my sacrifices, patience, and determination got a good result, to get a high grades in finals is very important to any students, after all those sacrifices and sleepless nights it's paid off when you see that all of those things you did has a very good outcome.

Its a fulfilled feeling that sometimes hard to explain. I 've been through a lot of ups and downs recently in my life and till at this very moment, I didnt expect that those trials gave me a strong determination to give all the best that I can to get a high grades in our finals in university. :) how I wish you were here to share with you what I feel now.

Thank you Lord, for the guidance, courage, and wisdom, for always giving me strenght that I need everytime I almost fall during my worst day. Thank you for making my worst day a good day, for giving me a peace of mind, and for making me a strong person during those times that I almost want to give up, despair and confused.

ms M

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