29 April, 2011

welcome back sister

She's arrived. I went to airport to meet my close friend. She's back here after couple of years living in other part of the world. I am happy seeing her again. A very warm hug and a never ending story about things happend, happy and sad memories. While having our breakfast in Japanese resto inside the airport we talked about so many things with one of her friend way back in her collge life. I feel really happy that I see her again and we had bond even in a short period of time. A friend who always lift my spirit up and always there for me. She is like a sister to me and I treat her like one of my sister and part of my family. A very strong woman with a high spirit, intelligent and very courageous one. I told her "pinagtibay ka na ng panahon" thats how strong woman she is now and I think thats because of struggles in life she been through before. Sometimes makes me smile if I think of her and our life because we have the same life situation and that makes our friendship grows stronger, we understand every situation we been through.
A friendship that never I expected to have in my life but then in unexpected time we met and became good friends since then. I know how happy she is with her mi amore and it shows when I see her that morning. My dear friend you deserve to be happy and to have whatever you have now and in the future. I'm happy that you're back here again..

ms. M

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