28 April, 2011

Its a wonderful world

I feel so depressed and fed up the past few weeks and I decided to roam outside..

here's some of the pictures ...

santan plants... I just remember my mini garden in province I have  different color of santan flower, a red, yellow, violet, pink and the white one.

I don't have any idea about the name of this plant..

People roaming around the place

This plant doesn't like my hands care ever since.. One of our neighbor told me before that the temperature of my hand is not good for this plant, thats why everytime I plant this kind of plants is not successful so I stop dreaming of having this plants in my mini garden.

It's unsual flower I saw.. nice color

yey! Its "Anahaw" plants. In some part of Quezon and Albay province have lot of this. Some use it as roof for house, like one of my brother he used this as roof of his chicken house at the back of our house and for handicratfs also likes bags, fan, mat, basket, and etc, a very useful plants.

How wonderful the world we live in.. I just noticed there's so many good things around us that we don't notice and ignore, a simple things that we should appreciate because it's also makes our world  wonderful and beautiful one that keep us smile and think how lucky we are in our life.

ms m

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