21 April, 2011

be thankful and ask for forgiveness

Today, I think I walked 7km. I went to different church and recite those 14 stations of the cross and pray. It's a tradition during lenten season called Visita Iglesia. Family, group of friends, lovers and etc gathered together to do this tradition during lenten season. It's 2 years now that I'm doin this alone. I don't have friends with me and family, my sister has to go to work and she can't go with me, so I prefer to be alone and to make it solemn also. My friends who used to be with me doing this together the past few years was not here already. It's a nice feeling doin this thing. I'm doin this almost 6 years now every lenten season, to be thankful for all the blessing that I have recieved and ask for forgiveness and guidance also. For me, it is not only a tradition its part of my life being a catholic. Nowadays, I noticed that some people who doin this they dont take it seriously, sometimes makes you feel annoyed because while you're praying suddenly there's a flash of camera and some are very noisy, instead of praying they talked loud about nonsense and make it like they're just having a tour. Oh, yes doing Visita Iglesia is like your having tour in different church and place but not to the extent that you need to bother those people who solemnly praying. But thats fine, after all I finished it without any hassles.
Thanks God for everything!


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