25 August, 2010

something special missin by me.. tantrums and mood of a big girl..lol.

you make me feel missin you now, something special missin by me and guess what and who?, and thats a yummy yogurt..

Good morning! i have tantrums today and im not in a good mood. i need to pamper myself by listening to music. just feel bored and its killin me. thinking of going somewhere out there to release stress and those annoying issues. i feel wanna burst out coz of stress.

btw, i wanna say thank you to my new online friend , she gave me a link where i can learn basic arabic language, im having fun learning this language.hope to memorize some of the basic words.. well, its a test for me if i still have a sharp memory to memorize those words.

coz i hate,

reading books coz it makes me feel sleepy everytime but ofcourse theres still an exception, it depends upon the kinds of book that i want to read.

memorizing, i feel my brain want to burst out, lol. but whether i like it or not, i cant do anything, i have a lot of things to memorize esp. in my everyday lectures in class. ^-^. oh life!

tomorrow im going to visit the place for my project proposal, this is the first time that i will visit the place, feel kinda nervous coz its far from the city.

feeling sad :(. ive been thinking about u, do you still remember me?

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