31 August, 2010

confuse, bored, comfort food..

Today was a rainy and tiring day. After the whole day of doing a lot of things after I went to the supermarket just to buy a rostbratwurst and bockwurst for our practical exam in cuisines, ahmmm. first time im going to use this as one of the main ing. in a recipe, actually thats not included in a recipe i got, i just want to make a twist on it. ahmm..thinkin what to do tomorrow..

Just feel bored and.. ahmm..i think of this before dinner, i love sweets and its makes me feel okey. guess what??

this yummy made my day, i feel better after i had this yummy sweet. i was feeling bad last night and im really affected of what happend and i want to pamper myself. arrggghh..
and one more thing, i had read my reviewer earlier but i dont understand what is all about, im thinking now what will be the content of our exam for tomorrow coz the content of the reviewer was out of the topic we tackled the past few weeks.. what is happening?? im confused..lol.
i think i just feel sleepy and need to take some rest now..

i need some strength, courage and patience to overcome everything..

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