01 August, 2010

oh! another month of journey..

Its weekend again. Its time to say goodbye to month of July and say hello to month of August.. i feel sad today and i dunno why? just feel lonely. i slept all day coz i went home late last night from work so i need to recharge and im not feeling okey since last week, it is cause of the unpredictable weather.

btw, yesterday while im at the mall roaming around with one of my friend, looking for some stuffs, somebody calling me and I was wondering who's that person.. it was a surprise.. my long lost friend, what a small world really.. i cant imagine after 7 years that we dont have communication to each other, our path crossed again, i felt happy seeing her again after a long time. in this cruel world theres a lot of surprises and unexpected things happend.

im done with my first presentation report and i dont have any loads this week so I think I can relax and recharge myself, there are a lot of changes in me and i dont wanna think of what had happend before that cause me pain and make my heart cold. i just learned from it and think of things that make my life worthwhile and for the successful career i have chosen. Im in a middle of being confused and i feel im in a middle of nowhere..

Thanks God for everything.

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