14 August, 2010

life- like a rollercoaster one

Hellooo everyone!

Its been a long day. I had fun today with my close frends in university,we eat together and have some funny moments..yay! They make my boring life happy and everytime i have problems and feel down and sad theyre the people who lift my spirit and always says to me that everything will be fine. yes they are right that in 100%, i only have 20% percent problem compare to those people who has more than the percentage of problem i have, so im still blessed and i should be thankful to God coz despite of all problems i have now im strong and have a courage to do everything that i want just to make my life worthwhile. I think it is normal to a human being to have problems, you are a very lucky person if you dont have any problem at all, since i learned a lot of things from people who care for me to not take life and problem seriously, and just enjoy life and be happy, well i did and i let go all the reasons that burdens me so that i will be free from worrying and from anything that could give me reasons to feel sad.

Since I have so much things to do, (projects, exams, feasibilty study etc.) i need to be free from any worries to focus on this things. having hard times for my finals in university but we enjoy everyday of our time with each other in class, sooner or later we will fall apart and thats another sad things coz after how many years of being together in one place, through hard time, bad time, happiness, sadness and pressured we're all one but we have our own different journey in life. Im planning to make another blog link for my university life and i planned to put everything that we had in our university life being together as one group. I just think of it now and hope soon if i have free time to stay long online i will start doing this. i will share the link here soon.

I feel not good this week,i have cough and colds coz of unpredictable weather, sometimes the weather here was too bad, i always remind myself to bring umbrella all the time, lol. :) i feel really tired today, when i got home i fall asleep and woke up late.yay!

and tonight i watched news and one of the news was "abortion and divorce to make it legal in this country". hmmm.. ofcourse first, 100% church against on it, some agree but most wasnt agree of it. well, lets wait what will gonna happend to this issues if theres a possibilities to implement this law or not but ofcourse the congress approval and pres needs just to implement this kind of law let us see if they will approve this issues and make it legal. If it happend theres a possibilities that it will cause a big problem in the country.:(

and before anything else,
I wanna greet creamer a Happy happy Birthday! I wish you all the best and May Almighty God Bless you always. hope you had a blast!..
Thanks God for everything, for guiding me and for giving me strenght, courage and wisdom.

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