21 June, 2010

in a middle of the crowd

Hey yah! I had headache today, i didnt attend my class today. arrrggghh... I met new friend from somewhere and this person reminds me of someone, i just dont know if its just at the back of my mind that they have the same attitude, it just happend that i met this person unexpectedly and when we had conversation, it really reminds me of someone. anyway whatever it is im still blessed because in the middle of the crowd i met someone who become a good frend of mine and a person who always lift my spirit to feel better. thanks God!

Sometimes we didnt know who will come along our way, its just happend in unexpected time and place, sometimes people come and go in our life, we might loose them but at the end we just realize that we gain knowledge and learned a lesson from them, they leave a footprints in our life, and we treasured that person, eventhough he/she is not part of our life anymore or we dont have any communication with them there is a time that we still remember them and thinking where is he/she now? is he/she fine?.


we have a lot of projects in our international cuisine.. i dont know how and where im going to start..lol :). im planning to buy a book, wheeww..its kinda expensive, but its okey to invest for this coz every year the value of the book became high and sometimes you cant find that kind of book in a bookstore coz they only have limited stocks.

i just fixed my old blog and soon im going to open it again..

Thanks God for everything!

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